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The ADA is here to stay and continuing to lever it may be a key to your business!

Paul DelFino


In June 2015 I posted a blog on the HMI site title “SELLING FEAR” . I thought it was a reasonable discussion on the basics of how the American Disabilities Act can impact a concrete lifters/levelers business and how entrepreneurs should lever it.

Times and things change so I thought it was important to revisit this critical discussion lest we become embroiled in the hot topic of the day and begin to forget the basics.


We are clearly currently in an environment of regulatory roll back. I recently became curious as to whether the ADA had hit the radar screen as a target for regu

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Moving Beyond Residential

A Great Balance of Residential, Commercial and Governmental Revenue Can Increase the Value of Your Business & Profits

Paul DelFino


At the HMI Discovery and Training Seminar we often encourage new entrants to concrete lifting and leveling to think in terms of building a balanced business.  Residential work can be looked upon as meat and potatoes contributing to ongoing revenue at the maximum margin and with the fastest payment terms supporting cash flow needs.  However, gold can be found in different segments where individual jobs can be larger and recurring.


I have often been quoted as saying “if you don’t do something – don’t expect anything!”  This again appl

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Las Vegas January 2017
Paul DelFino


Philip Cosby, former head of quality at Ford, one of the renowned corporate quality gurus and author of the revolutionary book “Quality Is Free,” frequently compared a quality centered company/production process to a ballet. At his “Quality College” he gave business graduates a conductor’s baton so they would forever remember themselves as orchestration implementers of perfection of repetitive execution of timing, consistent standards, and flawless hand off in a production/process chain.

I recall wishing Phil was watching the HMI team as they conducted nearly 90 flawless demonstrations at the W

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HMI Will Be Appearing For It’s 36th Consecutive Year

Annie Baeten, Paul DelFino, Jen Mazur

There are so many ways we wanted to begin this blog.

Annie wanted to format it as an OLD style movie promotion poster.
“OLD” Paul wanted to imbed Ed Sulivan quotes in every section starting with “The Really Big Sheuwwww!”
Jen wanted to attach a sound clip with circus music and begin by luring “Children of All Ages to the Greatest Show at World of Concrete.”

BUT Jeff and Brian said offer the “Facts kids – nothing but the facts!”

The fact is that the HMI marketing and sales team is planning and even bigger, better, more engaging, diverse experience for you than ever before at

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The Ever Improving Advantage+ Programs with HMI Makes It Easy To Start AND GROW Your Own Business!

Paul DelFino


The evolving relationship with HMI and Advantage+ now makes credit easily available so you can own and start a new polyurethane concrete lifting business for $1500 a month. (Terms at Blog publishing - 4 year, 10.5%) That means for $50.00 a day you can be in business. HMI has reported that 80% of the applicants they have introduced to Advantage+ have been approved.


Possibly more important is the announcement that the new program between HMI and Advantage+ makes Working Capital Loans available to qualified concrete lifting businesses. (Terms at Blog Publishing

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Paul DelFIno


Last week Jen Mazur asked me what this month’s blog was about. My teasing response was, “you tell me” – what are our customers asking about?  As I thought about that glib and sarcastic response I realized the concepts of; listening to customers, answering customer questions and fulfilling customers’ requests is in HMI’s DNA.

A History of Listening and Fulfilling

You Asked For A Better Gun – HMI recently introduced the EliteONE. An air purged polyurethane injection gun made specifically for Concrete Raising.
You Asked For A Simpler Way to Attach A Gun – HMI introduced a new twist on gun front end and corresponding twist on injection ports to eliminate time and

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Finally - a Polyurethane Gun Specifically Designed for Concrete Lifting by Concrete Lifting Specialists

Brian Cvetezar
Paul DelFino
Ever since polyurethane was first used to lift and level concrete decades ago, practitioners have been using equipment designed for spraying poly – not for injecting it under concrete. That has been the case until this month.


Anyone who has worked in the industry will testify, that assuming you are using the correct foam, the trick to productivity in polyurethane concrete lifting is control of the lift with the gun. Most often polyurethane concrete lifters have been using one of two great GRACO products for injecting polyurethane under concrete; the GX7 or the Fusion Gun.


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“More and more families are funding new business starts for recent grads!”

As a boomer who socializes with other boomers I now skip the traditional dinner question – “how are the kids?” I was getting tired of hearing the sad stories of friends whose kids just graduated and are struggling to find: a job - let alone a career. This may be the real reason many believe we have not recovered from the recession.

In a recent FORBES article it was quoted that, “59% of parents provide financial support to their adult children who are no longer in school.” Based on my average conversation with friends I think the number is a bit low.


In a world where the financial and business press loves to talk about Google, E-Bay, Micr

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“HMI’s Commitment to Factual Internet Postings about Polyurethane”

Kelly Stencil & Paul DelFino

How often do we hear “I don’t believe everything I see on the internet”?  There are many good reasons for this since many less than responsible individuals and companies post inaccurate or misleading information. HMI is most sensitive to provide only factual data/information supported by science and the experience of our customers. This is true for the business opportunity of concrete lifting and leveling as well as data/information about the polyurethane foams we manufacture.

THE TREE OCTOPUS: Have you ever heard of the tree octopus?  Not many people have.  This tree-dwelling mollusk is reall

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Paul DelFino
Last week Annie, HMI’ marketing director, was briefing the team on the companies Google Analytics. (How often do you review the performance of your web site?)

When reviewing blog traffic I was not surprising to see that despite perpetual information share thru new blogs on a multitude of topics, “The Difference between Poly and Mud” remains the number one visited blog and therefor the most frequently asked question addressed by the HMI web site and blog viewers. Given that the subject was last addressed in ?Month? of 20??, I thought it appropriate to update the info and offer more texture.

KEEPING  IT SIMPLE:  During the Discovery and Training Seminar each participant is given a ?? page binder. Over the two days of tra

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Paul DelFino
Many new (and even experienced) concrete lifters and levelers believe the ultimate learning experience is to shadow HMI contracting division crews (Raise-rite Concrete Lifting).

The experience allows them to:

See a variety of REAL jobs where “things happen” and not all goes as planned.
Learn from the Crew Leaders who perform the work every day.
See firsthand how Estimate Rocket and other business/marketing systems are executed.

[icon pic="globe"] A LAB vs THE REAL WORLD – HMI has new concrete poured for every seminar conducted outside of Manitowoc. When training is conducted at their training center slabs are prepared to replicate traditional pieces of sidewalk and driveway. In these cases; the sub base is consisten

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Annie Baeten & Paul DelFino
At each HMI Discovery and Training Program we see smiles when Paul announces that HMI will be sending each attendee samples of successful marketing material (ads, photos, form letters, forms, email copy) when they complete the program. HMI boldly states that it will do all it can to make concrete lifters successful. Offering free marketing material is just another example.

YOUR MARKET IS DIFFERENT – HMI would prefer to provide you with a “paint by the numbers” marketing plan to insure success but that is not practical.  Each attendee has a different market with varying; media, demographics, and psychographics. Participant’s business   focus will vary as some speci

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Making It Even Easier to Sell by going 24/7
Paul DelFino
All who have attended the HMI Discovery and Learning Seminar know that HMI works hard to create processes and systems eliminate every potential barrier that your prospects can create not to buy your service. The best example is the Estimate Rocket and the ability to:

Give the majority of your estimates when residential customers are not home
Provide estimates via email where prospect merely click YES to authorize the work
Creating a TUNNEL where you control the customer experience

But sometimes the first hurdle is the initial phone call. Are you available 24/7? Are you ready to take a call when your prospect is ready to call you? How many times have you lost a sale because you we

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Going Green.[icon pic="recycle"]

It’s the right thing to do.  It feels good.  It’s morally responsible.  It secures our future.  It sells.  However,  the phrase is also trendy, ambiguous, a possible marketing ploy, and often misused.  Green technology has come a long way, and has also just begun.

During the race to go green, we have seen great success and innovation, but in some cases, a compromise in product quality.  Sometimes what helps Mother Earth in one way completely wrongs her in another.

What is the right balance between being environmentally responsible, competitive, and having the best product on the market?

We at HMI understand.  We, like you, have very high standards.  We want to have our cake and eat it too.  We

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World of Concrete 2016 – WOW – What a Show
Paul DelFino
Simply stated, the HMI presence at the World of Concrete just keeps getting bigger and better. Pictures are worth a thousand words so below are the highlights.

In 2016 HMI, for the first time in nearly 4 decades, abandoned its inside booth presence and expended its outside demonstrations while displaying its NEW Mudjacking Hopper Trailer and also demonstrating its Polyurethane Trailer system equipped with a new diesel generator.


THE STAR of THE SHOW was the introduction and demonstration HMIs new Polyurethane Injector. Under design for over 2 years the unit is nearly backup free and enjoys a quick connect with newly designed zerts. The new unit performed flawlessly as it w

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“The Winter HMI TO DO LIST”

Jen Mazur

It is Sunday morning January 24th, 2016 and I am sitting at my kitchen table thinking. The family has enjoyed breakfast and is off to planned activities while anticipating the playoff games this afternoon (The Packers should be there!). The news is saturated with the horrors of the East Coast Blizzard over the last few days. Here in Wisconsin we are also expecting snow (what else is new) and even my friends in Florida are whining about freeze warnings. I am thinking about what I going to tell my customers in the morning about their concrete lifting/leveling business? Simple: its winter - so use the time to winterize. That is - work on your business now and not in your business now since in many case

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Samples of Creative Projects/Jobs HMI Customers Have Tackled & A Preview of Things To Come!

Jen Mazur


I am constantly amazed! It seems like a daily occurrence of late when I accept a call from a customer to share the latest creative way they have used their HMI polyurethane concrete lifting equipment to make money.

A sample conversation usually goes like this:

Customer – “Hey Jen, I just called to share what I did yesterday.”

Me – “Ok – now is this personal or business and you do know this is recorded?”  (some laugh)

Customer – “No, no - of course it is business and it really is interesting and you will want to share it with others. I was at a job lifting some driveway slabs and the customer was complaining tha

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An Overview of the HMI System for Estimating, Customer Communication, Scheduling and Control.

Paul DelFino

Entrepreneurs who attend the HMI “Discovery & Training Seminar” do not sign up to learn how to raise and level concrete. The simple fact is they come to learn how to make money!

All quickly learn that raising and leveling concrete is easy with HMI equipment but the surprise is that HMI makes systems available for them to operate and market their business with ease and maximum efficiency. Often the PIA of; business operation and marketing are the aspects of running their own business that is looked upon with dread and anguish.

Introducing The Estimate Rocket – Years ago HMI commissioned the development of a customized app (ava

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