Getting the Job Done on a Municipal Budget

Do-it-yourself concrete raising

Client Name: Ron
Job Title: Municipal Streets Supervisor
Company Name: A Texas Municipality
Partner Since: 2010

Client-Success-story--Municipality-in-TXBudget planning is never an easy task. How to get more for less? How to get all the improvements needed, but not increase spending? Implementing an effective municipal budget plan is imperative for future success.

For years, Ron had been effectively using polyurethane concrete lifting and leveling for municipal repair of roads and sidewalks. He was delighted with the concrete raising process, a cost-effective solution to replacing concrete. Like any other municipality, Ron had to find a way to make his budget more effective. He still believed, he could save more money in his budget, when it came to infrastructure maintenance.

In 2010, Ron found HMI. He began researching HMI’s training, materials and equipment. Ron wanted to determine, if he could purchase the equipment, and have his municipal crews trained to perform polyurethane concrete raising.

When we ran the numbers, we found that we could save money quickly and own the equipment for the future!

The city purchased an HMI polyurethane truck in late 2010. HMI trained city equipment operators and municipal maintenance crews.  In less than one year, the city completed over 10 major projects with its own employees. These projects ranged from settled or heaved concrete to water problems. Raised and unlevel concrete slabs are disappearing in this Texas municipality, as are Ron’s concrete raising expenses.

HMI’s training was great and our people caught on quickly!  We have already ordered and used over six tote sets of polyurethane that HMI ships directly to us.   I am very pleased with HMI.  They have been responsive, helpful, and our new equipment is allowing us to do the work ourselves while we save money!

HMI is pleased that we could help this Texas municipality save taxpayers’ money, secure jobs, and find a formidable solution to its concrete raising needs!

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