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Sunken Concrete in their driveway, led to their Success!

Client Name: Joe & Jen
Job Title: 0
Company Name: Level Rite Concrete
Partner Since: 2014

Several years ago, Joe and Jennifer decided to have their sunken driveway concrete repaired. They went with the standard process that was available at the time.The driveway looked good on day one, but began to sink again less than one year later.
“Once the problem with sinking concrete reoccurred, both Joe and I decided to conduct serious research into any possible alternatives,” Jennifer explained. Their exhaustive research provided information on a relatively new but little known process that injected revolutionary polyurethane foam under sunken concrete. The foam raises the concrete back up to its original level, and hardened in a way current processes never could. And, with that discovery, Level Rite Concrete Lifting was in business.

The innovative process of repairing concrete has been a tremendous success. Level Rite is approaching its fourth anniversary, and business is better than ever.

Awarded Best Of The Region 2015, 2017 (Concrete Repair) from the Northwest Indiana Times Newspaper

Business Owner Speaker at Purdue University 

Certified SCORE Mentor – Indiana Small Business Association


HMI would like to congratulate Joe & Jen on a their growing business and wish them continued success.

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