2 Day Discovery & Training Seminar

Ready To Run Your Own Company?

Great! We’re ready to help. Our Discovery & Training Seminar is a hands-on event. We cover all you need to know about starting up and running your own concrete lifting business. You don’t even have to know a thing about concrete. In fact, some of the most successful companies launched following our training class were regular old suit and tie guys, US Veterans, and college grads.

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Start the business you’ve always wanted with help from HMI!
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  • Upcoming 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminars

    September 12-13 Manitowoc, Wisconsin (LAST HMI HEADQUARTERS TRAINING OF 2019)

    Shadow our Local contracting crews Wednesday before training! FREE! Learn more HERE

    October 17-18 ATLANTA, Georgia

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    $595 per attendee/Spouses are FREE!

    ASK US How you get can your training for FREE!

    *Please Note: Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend the HMI training seminar.

    “I was convinced to attend a HMI seminar by people who already purchased and use HMI products. The seminar itself was unbelievable. blew up and exceeded every expectation I had. The knowledge gained is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. ”

    “Great seminar. I feel comfortable to start lifting concrete tomorrow, I met a lot of great people and feel like a member of HMI family. Such great knowledge and hands on experience. I believe I can grow my business to the next level.”

    “Everyone was very pleasant and professional. I think they hit all the right answers in the presentation. The guy’s doing the demos were very knowledgeable and professional as well. Thank you very much.”

    or add onto your Existing Business

  • When you attend our Discovery & Training seminar, you will get first-hand experience and insights into:

    • how to estimate and bid on jobs
    • scheduling and completing work profitably
    • raising and leveling concrete using mudjacking and polyurethane equipment.
    • maintaining your equipment
    • marketing to residential, commercial, and local government.

    This 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminar is not a sales seminar—it is an educational, hands-on experience that allows you to see how profitable the business opportunity of starting your own concrete raising business can be.

    If you are interested in getting started and purchasing equipment, you will have the opportunity to apply the cost of training to any qualified purchases. We apply seminar fees to any equipment purchase over $5,000.00, which can result in up to 10% off your equipment investment!

    Financing your new concrete raising business is easy! Click Here for financing Options

  • Q: Hey HMI- What do I have to buy at this seminar?

    HMI: Nothing. This isn’t a sales seminar, it’s an educational seminar. That said, most people attending are really serious about owning their own business. If this is a good fit, they often purchase equipment from us.

    Q: Dear HMI- Do you have any coupons? :)

    HMI: Well…this isn’t really a coupon-ey kind of industry. However, we’re pretty awesome to our customers. For seminar attendees who decide to start their own company, the cost of their training is applied towards equipment purchases over $5,000.

    Q: HMI! Are you some kinda franchise?

    HMI: Nope. There are no territory restrictions or fees. We want you to succeed! We provide you what you need to start a successful business, and continue to give you support in every aspect throughout your concrete raising career!

  • This is a family run business that was built from the ground up, real people doing a real job with good results. Impressive. This training seminar is invaluable to someone looking to start a new opportunity, or for the company that is looking to add a sensible revenue stream to their existing concrete repair business.
    – John

    “Forget what you know about seminars, this is completely educational without the sales pitch!”
    – Jen

    “I did not know anything about mudjacking or concrete raising and after the 2 day seminar, I am now confident enough to start a business and do mudjacking OR poly lifting.”
    – Bruce

    “Excellent training, straight forward, informative and absent of fluff- very important”

    -Chuck S.

    “Very informative presentations as well as class dialog. I learned a lot of information that I did not know I needed to know. Being in a diverse group of attendees that brought prospective questions from different fields helped a lot as well.”

    -Dustin L

    “Awesome class, Comprehensive overview into all facets of the business”

    -Kris S

    “Thank you to the entire HMI team for this experience. You were all very professional and it was the best seminar that I have been to for a long time.”

    -Troy P

    “Extremely informative and beneficial. Highly recommended class for those who choose this promising profession.”

    -Hunter G

    “Well worth the time, I felt I received a lot more then the $595 training cost. Thank you!”

    -Duane S


Financing your new concrete raising business is easy!

Financing Options