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HMI is currently seeking International Distribution Partners

At this time, we are seeking international distribution partners.  We can best facilitate your purchase, when you have retained an import/export agent to represent you in the transaction.  We ship to US locations only (as specified by your agent) after prepayment in US dollars by wire.

HMI is the world leader in concrete lifting and leveling equipment and processes. To best understand our offering and to fully appreciate the potential in your market, we would suggest you commit the time and resources to register for one of our Discovery & Training Seminars. Our seminar:

Will train you how to lift and level concrete with polyurethane and other concrete lifting/leveling proces

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Economy Compels Spray Foam Contractors To Offer Concrete Raising
Put away your ladders!

All contractors around the country have been fighting the ups, and mostly downs, of the economy since 2008.  The housing/new construction market has been the among the hardest hit segments of the economy.  Many spray foam contractors ramped up during the housing boom that preceded the recent downturn by purchasing multiple rigs and adding overhead and staff. Unfortunately, much of the equipment is now underutilized and staffing is day to day.

In a previous blog, I stressed how spray foam equipment can be redeployed to allow spray foam contractors to earn high margins by injecting polyurethane under concrete to lift and level slabs.  The word is now ou

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"Not Every Like Foam Is the Same”

Concrete Lifting Foam is Concrete Lifting Foam…Right?

There are special characteristics you need to look for when deciding what polyurethane  foam to use for lifting and leveling concrete.  Expansion is important, but what about set-up and cure times or adhesion?  In this blog, we are going to explore the truth about polyurethane concrete lifting foam and what questions you need answered before purchasing a foam for this special application.   

Foam Reaction Time

Does your polyurethane foam react too slowly?  Foam that reacts slowly is great for filling voids, but not for raising concrete.  If material reacts too

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By: Kirk Roberts

Concrete Jack

The Concrete Jack crew raised 300 linear feet of warehouse floor in 2 hours and 45 minutes in the loading dock area of a warehouse facility in Asheboro, NC.

HMI RR201 was used for this project.





The area was open for foot traffic during the work, which was done on a normal work day.  Each joint was opened to fork truck traffic immediately after repairs.


Spray Foam Magazine Article Features Foam Lifting with HMI Equipment and Material

Brielle, NJ - HMI, The leading manufacture of concrete raising equipment and polyurethane material has been featured in an article by the leading online resource for spray foam contractors-Spray Foam Magazine. Foam Lifting is a trend that is gaining more and more popularity among existing spray foam contractors and entrepreneurs.

The article details the benefits of Foam Lifting and what tools a spray foam contractor might need to get started.

The writer Ryan Spencer highlights the importance of material designed for concrete raising and the importance of training and working with a manufacturer that has experience in the Concrete Raising Industry since the ea

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World of Concrete 2012 - I hope that everyone at some time and point in their career gets to experience what I have in the last week.  I have never been more proud of my company, employees or the products HMI manufactures.

This last week, HMI gave the World of Concrete a lift!  Over the course of three and a half days HMI completed 77 demonstrations to thousands of attendees at the World of Concrete.   HMI was the first company in the history of the show to successfully demonstrate the process of lifting concrete with polyurethane.

Our crew drove 32 hours out to Las Vegas from Wisconsin and worked hard to show you how fast, clean and easy polyurethane concrete raising is.  In this blog I would like to address some of the common questio

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Live Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Demo’s At
the World Of Concrete in Las Vegas - January 2012”

HMI heard Vegas needed a lift!  HMI plans to do some “Heavy Lifting Of Concrete Slabs” using its new Polyurethane Concrete Lifting System  & Foams while visiting the World Of Concrete in Las Vegas Nevada January 2012!  “SEEING IS BELIEVING!”      

HMI-Pioneers in Concrete Lifting and Leveling today announced the first LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of CONCRETE LIFTING at the World Of Concrete – using its new Polyurethane Pumping System and Specialty Polyurethane Foams.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin – December  27, 2011

HMI has announced plans to conduct the first of its kind “LIVE” demonstration of the new polyurethane concrete li

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HMI will be demonstrating polyurethane concrete lifting in Silver Lot 3  Booth O40739 at the World of Concrete 2012.   Demonstrations will be available upon request or every hour.  Stop by and learn why polyurethane is the clean, easy, cost-effective solution for repairing settled concrete.
Silver Lot 3 is located across from the South Hall which is also where HMI's indoor booth will be located S121070.

Those interested in attending this year's World of Concrete should register in advance.  Please click here to complete your registration.  By using this method of registration with the booking code Registration for only $10 to see all the exhibits the World of Concrete has to offer!

By:  Dave Gauger

RaiseRite Concrete Lifting Inc.

Oconto, Wisconsin - November 3, 2011

RaiseRite was commissioned to raise a 15X45' section of Off-Ramp located in Oconto.  There was a low spot across the 45' of roadway.  Traffic would dip as it traveled across the problem area.

Polyurethane foam was injected under the slab filling voids and stabilizing the slab.  In addition to stabilizing the slab, additional polyurethane was injected to raise the slab back to level.  554 lbs of HMI polyurethane was used to complete this project.

The majority of the lift was 2 1/2" and took 40 minutes.  The complete project from start to finish took 2 1/2 hours to complete which included the main lift and void filling to sta

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By: Kirk Roberts

Concrete Jack

Problem:  Due to poor compaction of fill material of a cell tower site, half of the pad was settling, which caused an equipment building and generator pad to settle.  The installation contractor installed two helical piers under the equipment building to raise it back to level within weeks of original construction in 2008.  During the site visit, ground water was gushing out from under the slab out of a void that was created during the piering process and was accumulating surface water.

Job scope:  Concrete Jack's crew raised the settled generator pad using polyurethane foam, void filled under the building using polyurethane foam, which pushed the water out from the void during installation.  After void f

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US Leaders In The Manufacturing of Concrete Repair Materials and Hydraulic Pumps Jointly Agree to Co-Market Each Others Product and Services Internationally !

Pioneers and Premier International Providers in; Specialized/Approved Materials to Repair;  Roadways, Airport Runways, NASCAR Facilities - and - Hydraulic Powered Pumps to Deliver/Distribute Repair Material, today announced alignment to co market products which allow users the optimal solution to quickly, and economically complete large repairs.

Alexandria, Virginia – October  27, 2011

CeraTech, Inc. ( develops and manufactures high performance, sustainable concrete repair mortars to include CeraTech’s Pavemend™. CeraTech’s products are regarded as the pr

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A typical story – “I own $50K worth of spray foam equipment. I get work but in today’s economy I am not booked out and often do not have a backlog. I feel like I am just getting by with no solution in sight.”  I have heard this story countless times in recent years from spray foam contractors seeking a solution to the economic reality we now live with. Fortunately – I have an answer.
How to maximize your spray foam equipment investment by raising concrete with polyurethane.
All of the equipment commonly used for spray foam applications can be used to raise settled concrete slabs.  At HMI we design and make our own polyurethane foams specifically designed for; concrete raising, under sealing (void filling) and soil stabilization.

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HMI is Your Best Option for Slabjacking Equipment, Systems and Material

HMI has been setting the standard for slabjacking since 1974.  Not only do we manufacture the equipment, HMI uses and tests it on a daily basis.  Perfecting the standard and innovating tomorrow’s advances,  HMI offers all the benefits of a franchise without the fees, royalties, and territory restrictions commonly associated with franchise opportunities.

Beyond the traditional slabjacking equipment and systems, HMI now offers polyurethane equipment, systems and material.

With experience as a manufacturer as well as a slabjacking contractor, HMI is an invaluable resource to you as you make the decision to invest in this business opportunity and beyond.  With new pro

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HMI Equipment is Available for Shipment Internationally
HMI ships concrete raising equipment all over the world.  Call or email our Wisconsin office for more information at 1-800-626-2464 or

Customers are responsible for making arrangements with import/export agents along with any fees, duties, tariffs or expenses that may be incurred by shipping internationally.

HMI has shipping agreements with multiple providers, however will work with your qualified shipping arrangements upon request.

HMI is currently seeking international distribution opportunities.

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Raising Concrete Can Be Tricky, Let HMI's Experience Answer Your Questions

Support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  We are staffed with people who have actual on-the-job experience raising concrete.  They can answer questions and solve issues with troublesome jobs or how to bid on a certain concrete raising or void filling project.  Applications and pricing are covered in detail during HMI 2 day training events.

Free Catalogs and price lists are available by clicking here

HMI is here to support you, if you have questions about concrete lifting
Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  HMI also supplies a detailed parts and service manual with each piece of mudjacking equipment.

If you have questions about bidding or completing a project, utilize the experienced professionals at HMI to help you be successful. Receive a free catalog!

With any new business or equipment, there is a definite learning curve.  Concrete lifting is no different.  Even those with many years of concrete lifting experience may start offering polyurethane concrete lifting, and face completely new challenges.  HMI not only has experienced these same challenges, but assisted hundreds of customers through

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HMI Aligns with Different Financing Companies to Fit Your Equipment Purchasing Needs
Financing to get your mudjacking/spray foam business started is available through third party financing institutions.  HMI aligns with multiple financing companies because no two equipment purchases are the same.  Existing businesses with over two years of business history, may qualify for different financing than a new business.  HMI does work with a financing company that specifically offers new start-up companies leasing opportunities.

When researching a new business or business expansion, it is always wise to look into multiple options.  Leasing equipment, purchases, and financing are one option while a loan through your established banking institu

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