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HMI is a great way to expand your business with concrete lifting

Mudjacking is a great add-on business.  HMI can provide you with the equipment, training, and support to make any expansion successful.

Landscaping, spray foam, general, concrete and specialty contractors often have some of the tools needed to start raising concrete.  In this case, a contractor looking to expand their business will be provided with a customized system quote with only the equipment and tools they specifically need to start concrete lifting.  A spray foam contractor may only need small tools and material to start concrete lifting with polyurethane, while a concrete contractor may only need a mudjacking pump to have all the equipment necessary to

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Spray foam insulation contractors use similar equipment for polyurethane concrete lifting
There is however, specific material and equipment necessary to start using this equipment for concrete raising.  Everything necessary to begin raising concrete with existing spray foam equipment is available from HMI in the Concrete Raising Conversion kit.

Comprehensive training is also available, to teach you how to raise concrete, bid jobs, and market this type of business.  For those interested in making this transition, training is available without any commitment to buy.  Qualifying purchases will provide FREE training.  For more information about our training opportunity go to

Traditional spray foam d

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Complete HMI Systems Give You What You Need to Start Raising Concrete
No previous experience is needed.  HMI will teach you how to raise concrete.  Mudjacking and Polyurethane systems will provide you with every piece of equipment you need to successfully start your business.

Attend an HMI Discovery & Training Seminar to learn how you can be successful raising concrete.

What you need to start Mudjacking

Mudjacking requires six basic things to complete jobs.  If you have some of these items, a customized systems quote can provide you with the total cost of what you need to start raising concrete.

Mudjacking Pump
Truck or Trailer to Haul Equipment and Material

HMI Trailer Systems include Trailers
HMI Truck Syste

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Learn How to Raise Concrete at a 2 Day HMI Training Seminar
HMI offers 2 Day Training Seminars that focus on teaching you what you need to know to successfully run a concrete lifting business.  Explore the different options you have in equipment, learn business operation best practices, and get the marketing guidance you need to start your concrete raising business.

Receive a free catalog!

Get hands-on training with the equipment, without any obligation to buy.  The ultimate business test drive, HMI will teach you everything you need to know to make an educated decision - is this business right for you?  Find out, Register for HMI Training today.

HMI Manufactures Polyurethane Material Designed to Raise Concrete
Polyurethane concrete lifting uses material specifically designed to fill voids and raise concrete.  Available for purchase directly from HMI, the reaction of this two part material expands with enough force to fill voids and raise concrete.  There are multiple formulas designed for different applications.  Polyurethane for raising highway slabs, sidewalk slabs or filling voids.

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The original term mudjacking comes from using topsoil mixed with cement (mud).  However, topsoil has organic properties that will eventually break down and may cause the concrete slabs to resettle.  The most readily available material throughout the country is agricultura

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Concrete Raising is Also Known as Mudjacking, Slabjacking, Pressure Grouting, and PolyJacking
Also known as slabjacking or pressure grouting, mudjacking is the process of pumping material under a sunken slab of concrete to lift it.  Other uses include joint stabilization or filling voids to support the weight of a concrete slab.  On residential, commercial, and municipal levels, raising concrete is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete typically saving 30-50%. The best way to recycle concrete, mudjacking will avoid the cost of demolition, removal and landscaping.  There are two types of concrete lifting, polyurethane and traditional mudjacking. Receive a free catalog!

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Equipment use

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Multiple applications for concrete raising with the same system
Concrete raising with mud or polyurethane raises and stabilizes settled concrete.  Concrete raising projects are often the same repair in different settings.  To learn more about concrete raising attend an HMI Discovery & Training Seminar.

Residential concrete raising applications


Commercial Concrete Raising Applications

Commercial Entrances
Industrial Concrete Raising
Industrial Void Filing

Municipal Concrete Raising Applications

Curb & Gutter
City Streets
Highway Projects
City Sidewalks

Specialty Applications

Block Wall Core Filling
Bridge Approach
Void Filling
Shotcrete Application

For any questions about mudjacking equipment applicati

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Can polyurethane set up, lift concrete and maintain its compressive strength when pumped under slabs where water is present? At HMI it can!

RR401g is the latest HMI innovation in perfecting specialized foams for residential, commercial and DOT contractors who lift and level concrete slabs. This 3-4 pound hydrophobic/hydro-insensitive foam is again a two component polyurethane foam product, best delivered by HMI equipment, which sets up, lifts concrete and maintains compressive strength even when a void is filled with water. Weather and draining are no longer concerns for contractors or government crews. Traditional delays and costs in completing projects are gone.

Commitment to Innovation Is More Than A Tag Line At HMI!

For 40 years HMI has

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A stroll through any book store will bombard you with scores of business books about  “must know” techniques, processes and strategies. We sell a turnkey business package and recently began thinking about the common traits of our most successful customers. Despite an effort to put the ideas in fancy “hot” business terms our conclusion was the secrets of success are:

1)    Learning From Mistakes

2)    Logically and Systematically Solving Problems

3)    Interfacing with People  

With more than a half century of business experience behind us we then benchmarked the above list against our successes and failures. Despite economies, technology, and market circumstances and other changes we realized we were successful when we we

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Last night I listened to President Obama announce the pending return of tens of thousands of young Americans who risked their lives to protect us. This morning I heard the featured news story about the high unemployment of Persian Gulf Veterans.

I remember the Vietnam era and the plight of returning Veterans of that time. Unlike that period, it appears to me that our country is rallying around the troops irrespective of political perspective. My chest swelled recently when I was in an airport and watched a citizen walk up to soldier traveling in uniform and say, “thank you for everything you are doing for us!”

The experience in that airport motivated me to create and announce the HMI Veterans Career Transition Program. Simply  stated w

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“How you get the work has changed as much as how you do the work!”

As I was sitting back and observing the recent April HMI Training Seminar, two thoughts came to mind:

1.      How you get the work has changed as much as how you do the work!

2.      When you consider; marketing, estimating, and sales HMI devotes as much time in our seminar on getting the work as we do training future equipment owners on how to do the work!

More than 3 decades ago I started my mudjacking business by putting a 2’x4’ ad in the local newspaper. That one ad generated 14 requests for estimates and my first 10 jobs. RaiseRite/HMI was born and I had a new career. For the next 10 years, newspaper advertising was the anchor to my marketing program.

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