2010 World of Concrete Report

HMI’s pumps are the highest quality slabjacking equipment in the world, HMI introduced the Raiserite system for polyurethane concrete raising as a way to grow one’s business, and our customer support/ training is second to none.

Did the gamble pay off?  In my own informal survey of exhibitors, I found that most exhibitors thought that traffic was off but the quality of the participants was much higher.  One exhibitor told me that on the first day of the show they sold more product than any prior year.  What a statement!  For HMI, we heard from many of our existing customers that our pumps are performing above expectations.  New potential customers were able to stand in our booth and talk to existing customers about equipment, service and training.  In other words, the equipment sold itself.  Polyurethane concrete raising is going to be a huge business some day.  We finally had a venue that allowed us to explain the Raiserite System for using polyurethane foam to under seal and raise concrete slabs.  Interest was great and we look forward to establishing a good relationship with those customers.  Customer support and training seems like an easy thing to accomplish especially when you have a superior product.  We work very hard to accomplish this and it showed. Several customers told us that with the training they received they were able to have very successful first years.  Others told us that with the down economy, mudjacking kept their businesses profitable.

Even though the days of super crowded isles and long waits for bus rides back to the hotel might be over, the World of Concrete still is the best show for concrete related products around.  The gamble did pay off and we are looking forward to doubling down next year.