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Paul DelFino


PREFACE: This Blog is a continuation of “THE LIFE Of BILL” series. Among the most popular blogs in HMI’ history, Bill was first introduced in the February 2019 HMI blog publication. Readers are encouraged to read the initial blog and also the story of; HOW BILL LEVERED BAD WEATHER TO DOUBLE HIS BUSINESS  in April 2019 and “ BILL – A YEAR LATER GRAPPLING WITH THE VIRUS” in April 2020. A review of these past blogs will provide history and context about the character and his progression in the polyurethane lifting business. First envisioned and created as a method to articulate an average day of someone in the trade, Bill has evolved to an almost real relatable frien

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Helpful Reminders in a Period of Changing Costs

Annie Baeten & Brian Cvetezar


Anyone who has attended the HMI Discovery and Training Seminar more than likely remembers the correct answer to Paul DelFino’s question – “why did you come here?”  In a fun way the question served as a reminder of why we work. Yes – we aspire for self-actualization and fulfilment in solving someone’s problem but in the end our trailer or mudpump is a tool to generate a profit and provide us and our loved ones with financial security.

We are clearly entering  a period where our primary objective of profit can be eroded by rising costs in: materials, transportation, labor, technology and more. It is prudent to carefully monitor the upward ch

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Can Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Really Be A One Person Business?

Brian Cvetezar


The HMI sales department has reported that there has been an increase in inquiries as to whether polyurethane concrete lifting can really be an owner operated one person operation? The answer is an unequivocal YES!


Conversations with individuals attending the HMI Discovery and Training Seminars have led me to a number of conclusions about why people are entering the business and reaching out to HMI. This is unscientific but I am confident it is reasonably accurate:

Be there own boss. People are tired of working for others and feeling that someone else is benefiting from their labor while feeling vulnerable to the ebbs and flows o

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At the conclusion of each of HMI’s Discovery & Training seminars, every one of our customers is sent off with the famous Paul Delfino’s “Welcome to the family!” As family to us, it is HMI’s utmost priority to keep our family and community safe. As we all have grown increasingly aware of the dangers of contaminating the water that we are consuming, the questions have been rolling in on what we plan to do to verify that when our products are applied we are all still receiving pure and safe water from our systems. Well you asked, and we listened! All of us here at HMI are pleased to announce that we have recently been certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN-61 for our

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Marketing In a Covid World – “NOW WHAT?”

Annie Baeten

Historically many concrete repair contractors begin their season by booking home shows and other venues where they can kick start their business for the year. It would appear that option will not be available in 2021. This thought had me thinking about other changes in marketing tactics that may be appropriate in the Covid 19 environment we all now live in.


At HMI we often talk about the Mega trends and work our way to what lessons can be learned and what tactics we can recommend in the contemporary.

Last week, Red Pointssurveyed consumers throughout the United States, reporting that nearly 60% of those surveyed have increased their online shopping

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Paul DelFino

In anticipation of writing this blog I went back in history and looked at the HMI end of year blogs. I realized some things are worth repeating so below are some excerpts from blogs of the past. Because many of HMI’s customers are wrapping up the year, due to weather, we have historically used November as a final message knowing that we focus December on looking forward to World of Concrete in January/February. Unfortunately after 43 consecutive years HMI will not be at the World of Concrete in June 2021. The trade show will be another victim of Covid 19.

Many are looking forward to wrapping up the year 2020 and would want to rate it as a bad memory to be forgotten. Uniquely

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Who Says So? “Our Clients”

Brian Cvetezar

On July 27th I posted a blog sharing our plans to have our contracting arm “Raiserite Concrete Lifting” offer video estimating.


Since that time every prospect calling into our Concrete Raising company has been offered the option of participating in the estimating process with video. The market reaction has exceeded our expectations.

To date we have completed 34 video estimates and our closing ratio when the customer is involved has climbed to 62% exceeding our traditional approaches. What is equally interesting is that an unanticipated side benefit has surfaced. Prospects participating are better ed

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Brian Cvetezar


With all the disagreement about everything in our current world, there is one thing that “everyone” agrees on: “things are changing fast.” The forecasts of the futurists of: a predominant work from home labor force and video communication surpassing phone audio interaction are accelerating to a new reality thanks to the Covid 19 virus. Entire segments of the home repair industry are in near shut down as consumers and contractors alike fear interface. The good news is that change is motivating everyone to use technology more. There are few who have not participated in some: Facetime, Zoom, Go To Meeting, Ring Central or other pl

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A Synergistic Referral Source in Your Market

Annie Baeten


I was reminded last week at the HMI Discovery and Training Seminar why we always are in the Decorative Concrete Silver Lot at the World of Concrete. A Decorative Concrete specialist attended the seminar and while introducing himself he said; “I make sure I have a perfectly level base before I design our coatings. I’m not letting anyone drill holes through it after my art is done!”

Once in a while it is important to be reminded of the obvious. As a marketing professional I dream of Google Click leads, Facebook Ads, TV promotions and media driven business. BUT in the end they all cost real dollars.

Every market has decora

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Covid 19 Friendly Contracting
Concrete Repair – A Social Distancing Compliant Service
Annie Baeten

The last several months have brought many surprises and unexpected challenges to us all. I thought one delightful surprise was worth noting to anyone considering entering the Concrete Raising Business with HMI equipment and material. .

As the Marketing Director of HMI I also handle marketing and promotion for RaiseRite Concrete Lifting. RaiseRite is the contracting subsidiary of HMI which serves a market within 90 miles from HMI’s headquarters in Manitowoc WI. Upon my return from World of Concrete in February I am always pressured to build a backlog of work for RaiseRite for the season start once weather improves in Wisconsin. Of course 20

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Paul DelFino

PREFACE: This Blog is a continuation of “THE LIFE Of BILL” series. Among the most popular blogs in HMI’ history, Bill was first introduced in the February 2019 HMI blog publication. Readers are encouraged to read the initial blog and also the story of; “HOW BILL LEVERED BAD WEATHER TO DOUBLE HIS BUSINESS” in April 2019 to gain history and context about the character and his progression in the polyurethane lifting business. First envisioned and created as a method to articulate an average day of someone in the trade, Bill has evolved to an almost real relatable friend to many customers who reference him with a smile when speaking with HMI personnel.


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World Of Concrete 2020 Recap - ConExpo-Con/Agg Primer

Annie Baeten


On January 3rd I posted a bold promise of big plans for what HMI had in store for World of Concrete in Las Vegas in February. I am delighted to share that the crowds, customer feedback and new attendee feedback suggests HMI delivered.

WORLD OF CONCRETE 2020 - At the show HMI introduced its. newest product offering, FILLFOAM. (Exclusively provided by its sister company FILLRITE TECHNOLOGIES. The characteristics of this new technology were demonstrated live, as this highly flowable filling agent was pumped around a pole to fill a bucket at the show to the amazement of booth visitors.  The FILLFOAM demonstration was incorporated into the tr

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“31 Days until Another WOC Spectacular”

“67 Days until CONEXPO, only comes around every 3 years!”

Annie Baeten

The NEW YEAR, means the HMI marketing department is just shifting into top gear! We are only 31 days away from World of Concrete 2020 in Las Vegas.

Tradition has HMI not only presenting but demoing our latest innovation. Planning, coordinating, and preparing for a 4 day show with nearly 100 live demonstrations takes a bit of work. And 2020 promises to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever before. We will feature a BRAND NEW PRODUCT:

-              [icon pic="cogs"] NEW EQUIPMENT that can be easily installed into your current van, truck or trailer.


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Adding to the Long List of Applications of your HMI Poly System

Jen Mazur


The list of applications using foam grows every today. Setting Posts and Poles and reinforcing failing posts and utility poles is another way HMI customers have levered their equipment in increased their ROI.

There are many ways to set fence posts.  Many include mixing small batches of cement and extensive bracing to hold everything in place while allowing the cement to cure.  Some methods include premixing cement, others involve dry mixing directly into the post hole.  Both commonly result in a lot of time, effort and inconstant mixes that could fail and allow for movement.

Now imagine holding a post level for less th

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Paul DelFino



Several weeks back one of HMI’s customers contacted me and asked me to look critically at his business. After successive years of growth he had two simple questions: How am I doing? What else should I be doing?

After being tickled by his request (everyone likes to be asked for their opinion) I had him send down financials, management reports, sales and estimating reports and more. He was taking the time to formally budget for 2020 and using the discipline to CRITICALLY EVALUATE and PLAN.


Over time I have remained in continuous awe of the fact that over 50% of the small business’s I evaluate, under $5m in sales, have no budget. Entrepreneurs still tell me

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An Update on the Repair Featured In My May 2018 Sea Wall Blog
Paul DelFino

In May 2018 I/HMI published a blog discussing the utilization of HMI foams for Sea Wall repair(Blog Link: SEAWALL REPAIR ) In this blog I embedded a photo of myself applying HMI soil stabilizer to a traditional wash out area following hurricanes. Given events over the past month I thought it appropriate to provide an update following a recent visit by Hurricane Dorian.


THE PROBLEM - The area where my dock ramp meets land enjoys a transition from pavers to a wood ramp. The doc ramp stingers interface with the coquina stone sea wall with short piles, The south side had historically taken the worst beating as south west winds drive

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A discussion of considerations as to when to start a new concrete repair business.

Paul DelFino


All businesses have cycles. Some are related to:  markets, weather, economy in general and even a paradigm of tradition.

All reports indicate the current economic conditions have positively buoyed the concrete raising and leveling business in 2019. Forecasts, due to economic indicators, suggest equal or better for 2020. While thinking this through and listening to the stories of entrepreneurs who started their business in 2019, I was intrigued with the fact that the balloon of startups still sits in Qtr. 1. Feedback from these individuals motivated me to question the conventional thinking of timing.


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Experts Are Now Focusing On “The Customer Experience” To Maximize Profits!”

Paul DelFino


Focusing on the customer experience is not a new concept to graduates of the two day HMI “Discovery & Training Seminar.”  For nearly 10 years the concept of building a customer tunnel has been pounded into participants. Recently the concept, under a new name “Customer Experience” is getting very high attention in the business press and with experts of focusing on profit making.


We all know it costs a lot of money to get a lead. Your management of every potential lead to increase the probability of a closed sale can be one of the most important levers of your profitability. The maybe sale of a prospect has costs (expense

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