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HMI Announces THE FUSIONPRO VIDEO RELEASE– A NEW Front End To The Fusion Gun (Polyurethane Concrete Lifting)

FusionPro Video is NOW available.

  • December 4, 2012
HMI-World Leader In The Manufacturing of Concrete Lifting and Leveling Develops a NEW Front End for the Greco Fusion Gun to Simplify PolyDecember 4, 2012
Manitowoc, WIHMI (www.mudpumps.com) has announced the development and introduction of the “FusionPro,” a new front end replacement for the Graco Fusion Gun. The “FusionPro” minimizes historic challenges when injecting polyurethane under concrete slabs to lift, level and stabilize.Brian Cvetezar, Exec VP of Product Development at HMI shared; “historically, the number one challenge of concrete repair contractors utilizing polyurethane has been gun backups and gun maintenance. HMI has developed the “FUSIONPRO” to solve the problem!” He further shared that: “the FusionPro is a 10 minute retrofit to the Graco polyurethane Fusion Gun which: saves time, increases profit, minimizes maintenance, and increases productivity since polyurethane concrete lifters no longer have to re-drill holes.”

Jeff Cvetezar, President, HMI further noted; “the industry has been struggling for a solution to polyurethane gun backups and related problems. The “FusionPro” provides polyurethane concrete lifters with the best characteristics of the Fusion Gun and mechanically purged guns.  The simple HMI add on to the Fusion Gun, with less working parts, saves time and reduces problems. We always strive to supply and support customers with equipment which adds to their efficiency and profitability. We believe the “FusionPro” will revolutionize the industry.” 

To see the “FusionPro” in action go to our FUSIONPRO page
HMI invented the first hydraulic mudpump and has for nearly 40 years been considered the premier manufacturer of equipment used to repair concrete surfaces.

For more information about the “FusionPro” contact HMI or visit www.mudpumps.com

View FusionPro Video #1

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For Release 9 A.M. EDT
November  20, 2012

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