The Answer


I have been designing, building and selling mudjacking equipment for over 30 years. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own business and support their families. Over time I have observed and participated in the evolution of an industry. From the beginnings when wheel barrow style pumps forced contractors to shovel material into a mixer to the development of self propelled units that mix material themselves, slabjacking has progressed with technology and innovation. Through all of the progress one constant roadblock remained – “a consistent dependable and economically feasible source of good pumping material. Finally– “ I have an answer

– Polyurethane!!”

Over the years I have candidly and consistently shared with new entrants into the industry and veteran contractors that the biggest problem that we all face is finding a good, readily available, inexpensive material to pump.  I have perpetually accepted phone calls from long time customers, who tell me that their supplier of many years just shut down their facilities and now the contactor can’t find pumping material and may be forced out of business.  Over 30 years the most frequently asked questions have been:

  • What material do I use?
  • Where do I get pumping material?
  • How do I find a good supplier that will always have material for me?
  • How much cement do I add?
  • How much water do I add?
  • If I don’t have a yard, where do I store material?

Finally there is now a one word answer to these questions, Polyurethane. Polyurethane offers the answers and solution to: what, where, how and storage.  Polyurethane has become the answer to what material I should use, because it is consistent and environmentally friendly. It can be used for residential, commercial or municipal jobs without material or mix change.  The where has become even easier?  There are national suppliers that can efficiently ship polyurethane anywhere.  Polyurethane material can be purchased in bulk and stored very easily for consistency. Because polyurethane is mixed at the gun as it goes under the concrete, the historic problems of where and when to mix vanish. You can now store your slabjacking equipment and supplies in the garage of a deed restricted residential home.

Finally the answer to:

  • What material I should use?
  • Why I should enter the concrete lifting industry – NOW?

Ernie Cvetezar is the CEO and Founder of Raiserite-HMI. He is a nationally known expert in the concrete lifting industry with nearly 40 years experience contracting and manufacturing concrete lifting equipment.