The HMI Training Seminar Experience

The HMI team recently conducted its first training seminar on concrete raising and leveling using either the traditional mudjacking method or our NEW polyurethane concrete lifting system.  Participants came from varied walks of life and brought varied experiences to our headquarters in Manitowoc, WI.  We enjoyed the participation of:  engineers, entrepreneurs, current contractors, retired professionals and some folks who are about to retire.


– When asked why they came to the HMI seminar three main reasons were cited by participants:

1) Looking for a NEW business opportunity they can rely on Part Time or Full Time.2) Looking to ADD a service to an existing business.3) Looking to start a FAMILY business where they can involve their children. Some were thinking of High School grads, some College Grads, and one referenced a soon to be returning veteran.Everyone asked described themselves as entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.


– Participants in our seminar talked a lot about the economy. Most agreed that the repair businesses should be an opportunity as we fight our way out of a recession.      1) Home ownership will be longer and people will be more willing to repair concrete problems. Concrete lifting is about safety and infrastructure maintenance not just cosmetics. It is not discretionary!

2) When compared to the cost of concrete replacement, lifting and leveling concrete with HMI tools and processes is a “no brainer” cost savings decision for homeowners, commercial entities, and government. With dollars and budgets tight concrete raising and leveling may be entering its peak.  


– Each participant completed an evaluation of our program. Each and every person raved about; knowledge we shared, the ease of operating our equipment, the warm and friendly environment we created, and more. It would be my pleasure to provide the names and numbers of  participants to anyone so they can gain an insight on the environment my team created.

I have never been so proud of the HMI team. I would like to publicly thank my staff  for preparing and delivering a seminar experience that clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even mine!

Look for more seminars in HMI’ future. We look forward to being a catalyst to everyone’s entrepreneurial and family dream.

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