“How you get the work has changed as much as how you do the work!”

As I was sitting back and observing the recent April HMI Training Seminar, two thoughts came to mind:

1.      How you get the work has changed as much as how you do the work!

2.      When you consider; marketing, estimating, and sales HMI devotes as much time in our seminar on getting the work as we do training future equipment owners on how to do the work!

More than 3 decades ago I started my mudjacking business by putting a 2’x4’ ad in the local newspaper. That one ad generated 14 requests for estimates and my first 10 jobs. RaiseRite/HMI was born and I had a new career. For the next 10 years, newspaper advertising was the anchor to my marketing program.  If I ran an ad on Monday, I would see an increase in calls on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was easy to track how each ad did.  Marketing and getting the work was easy because my customers and I did not have that many options.

In those early days equipment options and techniques for lifting and leveling concrete were limited as well. Over decades equipment has become more efficient and powerful. Now, various methodologies are available to every mudjacker with the introduction of polyurethane. There are even multiple polyurethane options available based on application and circumstance. The new complexity has increased: capacity, efficiency, productivity, and potential for profitability.  But – marketing has changed even more!

I believe these mega trends will change everyone’s marketing effort in the future:

1)      Direct Marketing is the fastest growing marketing discipline.

  • Local Newspapers & Yellow Pages in the US are on the decline!

2)      Internet Marketing is now essential even at a local level. 

  • Where your business ranks on GOOGLE may be more important than the frequency of your local ads.

3)      Business Alliances are no longer limited to large companies.

  • Formal referral programs with other trades will continuously reduce your cost of sale.

4)      Market Research & Prospect Targeting Data is getting better each day.

  • Once you know the demographics and psychographics of your ideal customer you can contract with direct marketing firms to design your mailing, print, secure your list and build a continuing program of direct mail very efficiently.

5)      E- Mail Is A License to Communicate FREE with Every Customer and Prospect Forever.

  • Having a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and capturing e-mail addresses can increase the value of your business.

Yes – new entrepreneurs will buy yellow page and local newspaper ads. But in our new world they are also as likely to have their local cable television station produce a free Cable TV ad for them!

The key message here is that entrepreneurs specializing on concrete leveling and raising should be sure to put as much effort, time, and investment into learning new marketing techniques as they have traditionally put to learning new equipment and methodologies. How you get the work has changed as much as how you do the work!

Ernie Cvetezar is the CEO and Founder of Raiserite-HMI. He is a nationally known expert in the concrete lifting industry with nearly 40 years experience contracting and manufacturing concrete lifting equipment.