What if I have questions about my concrete lifting equipment after it is purchased?

HMI is here to support you, if you have questions about concrete lifting

Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  HMI also supplies a detailed parts and service manual with each piece of mudjacking equipment.

If you have questions about bidding or completing a project, utilize the experienced professionals at HMI to help you be successful. Receive a free catalog!

With any new business or equipment, there is a definite learning curve.  Concrete lifting is no different.  Even those with many years of concrete lifting experience may start offering polyurethane concrete lifting, and face completely new challenges.  HMI not only has experienced these same challenges, but assisted hundreds of customers through them.  You are seldom the first to have these challenges and will most likely not be the last.  Do not hesitate to use HMI and the tools you are given for support throughout your career in concrete lifting.