What is Concrete Raising?

Concrete Raising is Also Known as Mudjacking, Slabjacking, Pressure Grouting, and PolyJacking

What Is Concrete Raising Also known as slabjacking or pressure grouting, mudjacking is the process of pumping material under a sunken slab of concrete to lift it.  Other uses include joint stabilization or filling voids to support the weight of a concrete slab.  On residential, commercial, and municipal levels, raising concrete is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete typically saving 30-50%. The best way to recycle concrete, mudjacking will avoid the cost of demolition, removal and landscaping.  There are two types of concrete lifting, polyurethane and traditional mudjacking. Receive a free catalog!

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Equipment used to raise settled concrete can be called mudjacking equipment, slabjacking equipment, slabjacks or mudjacks.  Also known as pressure grouting, the pumps have been called buggys in different regions.  Polyurethane concrete raising equipment is more commonly called a mobile rig or system.