Why is HMI equipment better then any other slabjacking manufacturer?

HMI is Your Best Option for Slabjacking Equipment, Systems and Material

HMI equipment is better

HMI has been setting the standard for slabjacking since 1974.  Not only do we manufacture the equipment, HMI uses and tests it on a daily basis.  Perfecting the standard and innovating tomorrow’s advances,  HMI offers all the benefits of a franchise without the fees, royalties, and territory restrictions commonly associated with franchise opportunities.

Beyond the traditional slabjacking equipment and systems, HMI now offers polyurethane equipment, systems and material.

With experience as a manufacturer as well as a slabjacking contractor, HMI is an invaluable resource to you as you make the decision to invest in this business opportunity and beyond.  With new project challenges, material needs and additional equipment to expand your business, HMI is the only choice.

HMI will not discourage you from looking into other slabjacking manufacturers or disrespect a competitor.  We will however, with ultimate confidence, tell you that HMI is the World Leader in concrete raising innovations, equipment and material.

At the 2011 World of Concrete, we had the pleasure of being called the ‘Kleenex‘ of the slabjacking equipment industry.  HMI thanks you for the compliment and continues to develop new equipment and material to stay at the top of the slabjacking industry, as the best company to work with.

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