World of Concrete 2010 Here We Come!

We are on our way to the World of Concrete 2010!  I remember when we would wait to get the notice for the next year’s conference and hope it would be somewhere exciting.  Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, it was like winning

the trade show lottery.  Now the show has exceeded any of those venues and we are headed to Las Vegas to learn what is new in the World of Concrete.

Always full of the newest products and methods, the World of Concrete is put on by Hanley-Wood and will no doubt out-do itself in 2010 as it has the past 30 years since we have been attending.  This year we will bring a new product line of polyurethane concrete lifting equipment that is sure get some attention.  Every aspect of concrete is covered which makes it a great place for any business entrepreneur or owner to brainstorm for new ideas.  Do yourself a favor and get out there to see what there is to see at the World of Concrete Feb 2-5 Las Vegas, Nevada USA.  The largest show of its kind this is a once in a life time event that you must see in order to declare yourself current on the concrete industry.

If you are interested on what is new in the concrete industry, we invite you to join us at the show and stop at our booth S11707.  After the show we will post a new blog to share with you in what was new in 2010 at the World of Concrete. To learn more…
Anyone who would like to register online for discounted admision please call for the discount code. (800)626-2464.