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Foam/Mudjacking Business Package

Polyurethane concrete raising is a smart, viable, and profitable business investment which requires little-to-no prior experience to start and succeed.

Owning your own business can give you freedom to work as you wish, it can give you pride in your work, and it can give you direct rewards of your labor.

Our 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminar will provide you with the education and training that is necessary to start and successfully operate your own concrete raising business. You will receive hands-on training that will show you how to properly run and maintain your polyurethane concrete lifting equipment. We will provide you with a detailed overview of how a successful concrete raising business operates from a business perspective (e.g. we will give you a tried and true business plan).

We will also provide you with recommendations for how to best market your potential business and, of course, we will provide support to you along the way. Questions? Give a call at 800-626-2464.

Concrete Raising Equipment

Concrete raising, often referred to as slabjacking or concrete leveling, is a fantastic alternative to repairing or replacing concrete slabs. There are two different methods for raising sunken concrete: mudjacking (sometimes referred to as slab jacking) or polyurethane foam concrete raising.

The process for raising concrete, whether by mudjacking or by polyurethane concrete raising, is very similar—differing mainly by material pumped. Simply put, holes are drilled into the concrete slab, mud material or polyurethane foam is pumped under the slab, and the voids under the concrete slab(s) are filled, thereby raising the slab. Finally, the drill holes are patched with a concrete mixture to complete the process.

Polyurethane Van System


your own Concrete Leveling Business

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If you’re an entrepreneur or contractor who’s interested in learning more about concrete raising as a business, then our 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminar will be perfect for you. Want to be the leading professional in your region?

Support is a pretty big deal around here. You might find support & service stops after the sale with most companies, but we don’t think that’s very fair. Sometimes growing your business is harder than starting it, and we’ve got your back there, too—come visit us for our free On-site Crew Shadowing. We’ll even pack our bags and train your team in the comfort of your own facility!

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