2019 Season Start Up Check List

Polyurethane Concrete Raising Season Start Up Check list 2018


  • Change oil
  • Change filters (oil and air)
  • Change spark plugs


  • Change Oil
  • Check Belts
  • Check Filters (air)

-IPM Pumps

  • Check and grease air motor o-rings (replace if needed)

-Dessicant Breather

  • Check color of beads ( orange is good, brown needs replacing)


  • Replace throat seal liquid
  • Check and clean “Y” screens
  • If material has sat all winter, recirculate for 30 min
  • Re-check “Y” screens for possible crystals

-EliteONE Gun

  • Replace all o-rings
  • Replace all CVC’s
  • Ensure all components of gun are free of debris


Good luck this season!

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