Jason and Teddy of the HMI service and training department recently traveled to Shanghai, China to build and assemble a HMI Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Leveling unit for a new

customer. Teddy was eager to return to China after his previous trip to lift and level the Beijing airport in 2015.

THE CUSTOMER – HMI’s new customer currently applys epoxy to city roadways and saw the potential in adding concrete raising as another service. By lifting and leveling the roadways first, this allows for more efficient application of the epoxy material. The main crew did not speak english, so the company’s consultant was happy to help translate.

THE EQUIPMENT – Complete components for an HMI system and a supply of HMI RR401 Concrete Lifting Polyurethane Foam was shipped to Shanghai in advance. In 2 days, Jason and Teddy completed the installation of this equipment into a 18 foot box truck. Their ultimate goal will be to service Shanghai with multiple units and crews.

50 Hours of Expert Training – After 5 days of training, the customer felt confident and ready to raise concrete. The first day of training involved start up, shut down, and maintenance. The following day, they moved to a street in an industrial area to perform their first lift. The lift involved removing a low spot that pooled with water. After this was successfully completed, they worked with the local DOT during the night to complete a block of busy downtown roadway. These six slabs were approximately 20ft by 10ft with uneven joints and cracks.

Trip Summary
Considering the crew was new to the equipment and the language barrier, the training went extremely well. They were all eager to get hands-on with the equipment and asked very inquisitive questions. The DOT was excited for our customer to have a new process to go along with the coatings.

ABOUT HMI – HMI, founded in 1974 is the world leader in: manufacturing equipment, system development, and material formulation for lifting and leveling concrete. HMI prides itself on training and provides unmatched customer support.





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