Lifting & Leveling Runways at the Beijing Airport

Jesse and Teddy of the HMI service and training department recently visited Beijing, China to deliver an HMI Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Leveling unit to a new customer. HMI always suggests its trainers work on “actual real” projects when delivering new units and training customer crews. In Beijing, it was runways and taxiways at one of the busiest airports in the world.
THE CUSTOMER – HMI’s new customer currently has the contract for removing rubber from airport runways and taxiways at the Beijing airport. That process of cleaning concrete always has the crews identifying slabs that need repair. The potential to add another service was obvious and HMI was the solution.
THE EQUIPMENT – Components of an HMI system and a supply of HMI RR401 Concrete Lifting Polyurethane Foam was shipped to Beijing in advance. In this case the customer had not secured the final vehicle that would be used for the service so the equipment was mounted on a skid so it could be flexibly utilized in multiple vehicles.
The customer chose an E30 i elite reactor along with a HMI Fusion Pro gun. All equipment was assembled, and used in training prior to lifting concrete on the runway.
ONE WEEK TRIP FOR FOUR HOURS WORK – With the equipment assembled hands on basic training was completed at the customer’s facility as concrete slabs there were lifted and leveled. The real project was at the airport where slabs 20×15 ft. and 18 in. thick had settled as much as 3 inches. With security and air traffic control coordination the crew with the HMI trainers made quick work of 3 slabs in a four hour window starting at 1:00AM. Instead of closing runways and taxiways for days the crew and HMI trainers wrapped up their hoses and equipment and had airplanes rolling on leveled concrete in hours.
TRUE CONFIDENCE – The HMI team (Jesse and Teddy) summarized the trip as a great success with a happy customer and having made many new friends. After a week in Beijing, they recalled smiling as their plane home rolled over the runway slabs they had repaired the day before – the ultimate confidence in their work and the HMI process.

ABOUT HMI – HMI, founded in 1974 is the world leader in: manufacturing equipment, system development and material formulation for lifting and leveling concrete. HMI prides itself on training and provides unmatched customer support.
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