Expert Diagnosis Solves Factory Floor Void

Company: RaiseRite
Project: Void Fill in Temperature Control Room
Product: RR501 | 5lb Stabilizing Foam


A local technological firm had constructed a control temperature room which was positioned on top of a section of factory floor which was poured with a low spot causing a void beneath the control temperature room. The room had been shimmed to level but a ¾” void remained beneath.


Raise Rite found that the problem could be fixed using the RaiseRite Technique (RRT) of using HMI’s RR501 5 lb. high density polyurethane. This polyurethane material was injected in a liquid state, then expanded to fill the voids and keep the shims in place that were supporting the room before the polyurethane was injected.

RaiseRite successfully filled the void under the control temperature room using a 12’ injection tube to evenly distribute the polyurethane under the room and then caulked the perimeter of the room to ensure a proper seal.

About HMI

Founded in 1974, HMI has been assisting residents, municipalities, commercial businesses, and D.O.T.s around the country with concrete lifting solutions.  RaiseRite is proud to use HMI equipment and materials, manufactured in the USA at their Manitowoc, Wisconsin production facility.  HMI manufactures foams to meet any specifications in terms of density, compressive, and tensile strengths needed for various applications.

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