How One Man Became His Own Boss

From Trucking Company Manager to Big Man On Top

Client Name: Jason & Shannon
Job Title: Manager & Full-time Mom
Company Name: Lifting Level Concrete Solutions
Partner Since: 2010

Client-success-story--Jason-&-ShannonLet’s face it, at some point in time in our lives, each one of us wonders what it would be like to be our own boss. While that thought is enticing, it is also frightening and a big step! It is said by many, that without taking risk, one cannot achieve true success. See how a trucking company manager and stay-at-home mom took a risk with the help of HMI’s Discovery & Training Seminar and began their own profitable business.

A big part of becoming your own boss, is determining how to set yourself apart from the competition? HMI’s Discovery & Training Seminar not only provides classroom, hands-on equipment training, how to estimate, but how to market your new business. Jason and Shannon started “Lifting Level Concrete Solutions” in 2010 to be their own bosses. Their business plan carefully spelled out how they would achieve success.

When asked about the secret of their success, Jason did not hesitate.

Shannon and I have worked to set ourselves apart from the competition with an image focused on professionalism. In each step of the customer experience, we offer personalized service that is clean and professional with a positive attitude. Customer service is our number one priority from marketing, to answering the phone, to estimating, to performing the service and taking payment. We want to see our customers smile.

Client-success-story-Jason-&-shannonHe insists on estimating in a company logo golf shirt. Prospects are presented with professionally designed estimating forms. “Our truck and equipment are always clean,” he adds. “When we pull up to a job, we work to convey an image of meticulous attention to detail. On a job site, we wear a company shirt and CarHartt work clothes.”

Jason and Shannon deploy basic marketing principals, with a strong web presence reinforcing their image at . Their site is fed with strong phone book, newspaper advertising, and a consistent home show program. Their marketing focus to date has been at the residential segment, which currently represents 90% of their jobs.

Within their first season, they were booked out two weeks in advance and meeting and/or exceeding their daily financial goals. With Jason running a crew (one helper) and Shannon handling the office, this husband and wife team is achieving their goal of financial independence and entrepreneurial success.

Jason is excited about his new career. He speaks passionately about the diversity and daily challenge.

Each job is different – I enjoy the challenge of knowing no two jobs are the same and I approach concrete lifting/leveling as an art.

While many remain concerned with an economic slowdown; Jason says,“what downturn?” The prognosis for Lifting Level Concrete Solutions is strong, with Jason already planning for a crew expansion when he reaches a consistent four week backlog. This expansion may be into polyurethane concrete raising to diversify the current services they offer.

HMI salutes the Jason and Shannon as a true entrepreneurial concrete lifting/leveling success story!

Would you like to be like Jason and Shannon and go after your American dream?

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