Joint Stabilization Needed Expert Care

Company: RaiseRite
Project: Loading Dock Joint Stabilization
Product: RR501 | 5lb Stabilizing Foam


An area construction company had poured various sections of concrete at a nearby warehouse a few years ago. Due to slab curl, the sections had begun to move up and down when extreme pressure was applied to the loading dock and aisles throughout the warehouse.


The contracting company and warehouse owners wanted to correct the problem so as not to cause more damage to the sections through stabilizing the joints and filling all voids below the slabs.  The construction company contacted RaiseRite Concrete Lifting to remedy the voids beneath the loading dock and to stabilize the joints at the warehouse.

RaiseRite sent out an expert, who was accompanied by a representative from the construction company, to diagnose the problem and estimate the cost for a void fill below the loading dock, and the stabilization of various joints down the aisles of the warehouse.

RaiseRite found that the problem could be fixed using the RaiseRite Technique (RRT) and HMI RR501 5 lb. high density polyurethane injected in a liquid state to expand and fill voids in sizes up to 1/32”. RaiseRite injected the polyurethane into the aisle joints to keep them from shifting, when the tow motors drove over them and filled all voids beneath the loading dock. All joints were then caulked to guarantee the proper seal.

About HMI

Founded in 1974, HMI has been assisting residents, municipalities, commercial businesses, and D.O.T.s around the country with concrete lifting solutions. RaiseRite is proud to use HMI equipment and materials, manufactured in the USA at their Manitowoc, Wisconsin production facility. HMI manufactures foams to meet any specifications in terms of density, compressive, and tensile strengths needed for various applications.

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