Rising Above the Daily Grind

Expanding Your Business is Easier Than You Think

Client Name: Devin
Job Title: Concrete Grinder
Company Name: Concrete Lift & Stabilization, Inc.
Partner Since: 2010

Client-success-story-rising-above-the-daily-grindHaving a successful business, means staying on top of new trends, processes and products in the marketplace. It is easy to get comfortable in a business, as long as the money keeps coming into the bank account. Business owners must remaining alert to innovations and the possible effects to their businesses. Let HMI help you stay ahead of the marketplace and begin a profitable expansion to your current contractor business!

As a concrete grinder, Devin had contacts with many municipalities, who had hired him to remove sidewalk trip hazards. Devin was searching for a better solution to concrete grinding, so he investigated polyurethane concrete lifting. He came to the conclusion that the technique, once introduced in his Colorado market, would put him out of business.

In September 2010, Devin attended HMI’s Discovery & Training Seminar and drove away with a new polyurethane concrete lifting trailer, equipped and ready to go to work the next day. Devin’s business has exploded with work. He is urgently planning the hiring of staff to assist him in completing jobs, and the unending volume of requests for proposals.

How did Devin’s business explode?

1. Municipal contracts: Devin introduced polyurethane concrete lifting to local municipalities and has captured new contracts. His city work has spawned ever increasing residential volume, as homeowners in neighborhoods see his trailer, and watch his work. Invariably, he is getting residential driveway and walkway work, while he is in a neighborhood working for a city.

2. His trailer: Devin laughs as he now describes his requirement to be stocked with business cards, when he visits any Home Depot with his trailer. “I could not believe it!” -were his words
when describing the people, in the parking lot waiting to request bids, when he returned to his trailer.

3. A web contractor referral service: Concrete Lift & Stabilization, Inc. lists its service with www.servicemagic.com in Colorado. Devin suggests that he receives on average two leads a day for work, and has a respectable 60% close ratio. Although he feels the leads are expensive, the service has helped jump start his business.

To date, Devin has been a one man operation, but his plans for growth are impressive. He is proud of his new business launch. When talking with him, the enthusiasm for his new business is contagious.

The HMI team salutes Devin and Concrete Lift & Stabilization, Inc. Within 6 months of training, he is already planning the next phase of growth in this contractor business.

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