Speedy Foam Solution Keeps Traffic Moving

Company: RaiseRite
Project: Hwy. 141 & Hwy 22 Oconto, Wisconsin
Product: RR401 | 4lb Concrete Raising Foam


There was a low spot across the 45′ span of Hwy. 22 off-ramp roadway from Hwy. 141. Traffic would dip as it traveled across the problem area, causing safety concerns to the county highway department.


RaiseRite was commissioned to raise a 15X45′ section of Off-Ramp located in Oconto.  Polyurethane foam raising was selected as the best repair method to stabilize and raise the dip in the off ramp due to its expedient process and short cure times, allowing for less downtime and lower cost than replacement.

HMI RR401 polyurethane foam was injected under the slab filling voids and stabilizing the slab. In addition to stabilizing the slab, additional polyurethane was injected to raise the slab back to level. A total of 554 lbs. of HMI polyurethane was used to complete this project.

The majority of the lift was 2 1/2″ and took 40 minutes. The complete project from start to finish took 2 1/2 hours to complete which included the main lift and void filling to stabilize the slabs.
The material required 15 minutes of cure time. The ramp was closed for 2 1/2 hours while RaiseRite completed the repair.

About HMI

Founded in 1974, HMI has been assisting residents, municipalities, commercial businesses, and D.O.T.s around the country with concrete lifting solutions. RaiseRite is proud to use HMI equipment and materials, manufactured in the USA at their Manitowoc, Wisconsin production facility. HMI manufactures foams to meet any specifications in terms of density, compressive, and tensile strengths needed for various applications.

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