One-on-One Training

Expert start-up training, on the house!

When you purchase an HMI truck or trailer system, we want you to feel like an expert by the time you roll up to your first job. We decided in order to get that done, we really ought to offer a FREE, private training.

At our One-on-One Training Seminar, you’ll spend time with our [fun] team learning lifting techniques, equipment maintenance, and the skills you need to successfully lift concrete. (We discussed a final exam, but thought you’d rather just hurry home and start-up your concrete lifting business.)

Our One-on-One training schedule includes:

Shadow one of our concrete raising and lifting crews. Learn first hand typical job site situations with experts using the same equipment you have back home.

 You’ll get a thorough overview on how to operate your equipment, and review slabs lifting techniques. And of course, the how-to’s of proper equipment cleaning.

Our One-on-One training is perfect for:

  • HMI truck or trailer system customers
  • Customers new to the industry looking for individualized training
  • Entire crews
  • Family businesses

Are you ready to schedule a time for your One-on-One training?

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