WOC 2011 – Ernie Cvetezar Is Excited!

I am excited!!!!!!   It’s true!!!!!!

In the coming weeks the HMI team and I will be heading to my 23rd  World of Concrete. It is not unreasonable to suspect that I would have a ho hum perspective after so many years of potential setbacks that are a result of our economic environment.  Why am I excited?

– FIX vs. POUR – The economy for concrete lifters and levelers is sound. With new construction down and budgets tight; fixing and efficiency are what is HOT. HMI customers are finding work and I suspect many in the trade will be approaching us on how to introduce a new Concrete Lifting  & Leveling service to their business.  As an example our contracting Division grew in 2010.

– Mud & “NOW” POLY – I invented the first Hydraulic Mud Pump for concrete lifting and leveling. It remains the industry standard! But I am now more excited about our New  Line of Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Leveling Equipment. I believe many mudjackers will supplement their businesses with this new equipment which will:

  • Eliminate the old problem of consistent material availability
  • Make one man crews easier for efficiency and profitability
  • Broader their reach to qualification for DOT roadwork  and more

– SHARING KNOW HOW – I believe I have assisted over 700 customers to enter the mudjacking business. I have always openly shared my  years of experience and knowledge. But – I never thought I shared enough of my knowledge or trained my customer completely.  That problem is now gone! Expect to hear me talk endlessly about the HMI new training program at the World Of Concrete. I am proud of my son’s, who have built a formal 2 day program which is valuable for anyone wanting to learn about the business and even veterans who want to learn more. We plan to run this program 10 times in 2011.

– IT’S ABOUT FRIENDS – Business is about people! HMI is a family owned business and our customers become friends! The annual World Of Concrete is always an opportunity to see friends accumulated over the decades.

That is why – “I AM VERY EXCITED! See ya in VEGAS!”