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At HMI, we know concrete. Heck, we’ve been in the business of concrete raising for over 40 years! We offer concrete raising business training seminars, industry-leading polyurethane concrete raising equipment, mudjacking equipment, ongoing support for business, equipment, and marketing for our seminar clients, and so much more! We like to say that in almost any instance, “we’ve got your back”.


Considered an upgrade to standard concrete raising, Deep Foamjection™  is the process of installing foam deeper to increase the load bearing capacity of the soils. Deep Foamjection™ finally able to get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM


  • 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminars

    If you’re a new (or current) business owner interested in learning more about concrete raising as a business and how to be profitable with it, we strongly recommend signing up for our 2-Day Discovery & Training seminar. The information you will learn is invaluable and not offered by anyone else in the industry.

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  • Poly & Mudjacking Equipment & Materials

    Look no further! Our poly material is made up of over 40% recycled materials, making it the  greenest product on the market. Our poly equipment is pretty darn good, too.

  • Something you can count on, always

    If you have any questions at any time, we are always here to help, so do not hesitate to let us know!

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