Polyurethane Foam Materials

Diversified Applications, Concrete Raising Reliability.

One of the benefits of raising concrete with polyurethane, is the availability of reliable material. Our polyurethane foam materials are specifically designed for different applications, from lightweight residential concrete raising to high density polyurethane foam material for heavy highways and industrial flow projects, underwater settings to loose soil stabilizations, the HMI poly difference is in the results.


We have developed a foam for every concrete raising and stabilization application!


  • SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- 401 Fast & 201
  • Saskatchewan, CANADA- GeoFoam– Canada’s exclusive HMI polyurethane distributor

HMI Polyurethane Foam Material & Applications

Poly Foam Application
RR201 Lightweight and fast reacting, this foam is ideal for residential concrete lifting.
RR201FAST Formulated to give you all the great benefits of 201 with even more speed!
RR401 High density foam for lifting heavy slabs is ideal for highways and industrial flow projects with heavy traffic.
RR401FAST FAST 4lb foam is designed for a more controlled lift and for jobs that require less spread. Reacts in 10 seconds instead of 19 seconds. Voted best concrete lifting foam for beginners!
RR501 Formulated for joint stabilization and undersealing, when material flow is required.
RR601 Developed especially for infrastructure repair- D.O.T
HydroFoam Line Developed to set up in the presence of water
RR600 Single Component Soil Stabilizer
FS201 Creates Moisture Barrier, Seals all Cracks, provides a waterproof foundation

Did You Know?

Traditional Spray Foams do not have the characteristics required to raise concrete.
Tech Data Sheets, Material Specifications and Pricing Available Upon Request

The HMI Polyurethane Foam Difference

A lot of people think that all poly foam material is the same, but that just isn’t true. HMI polyurethane foam material for concrete raising is made up of more than 40% recycled materials, which means that we, and you, leave less of an imprint on the environment when you choose HMI.

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