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If you’re running your own concrete raising company, it’s a pretty safe bet you’d like it to be successful. We thought it would be helpful to have a whole section of stuff for you to make that happen. Go ahead and bookmark this page, or better yet, sign up to keep posted on industry news, trade tips, how-to videos and other useful info. (and no – we won’t be spamming you.)

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Financing: meet our financing partners
Used Equipment: check out our selection of used equipment
Video Center: learn about concrete lifting, maintenance, and more!
Client Stories: read about the success others have had
Case Studies: learn about the challenges that HMI has helped others overcome
Business Tools: custom apps built by HMI for you to be more successful
World of Concrete: one of the best concrete conferences in the world

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Are you a Spray Foam contractor? Expand your business with a HMI concrete raising conversion kit. Any business that is in the spray foam business can easily convert their equipment to include concrete raising as a service. Let us show you how smooth a transition it is!

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