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If you’re running your own concrete raising company, it’s a pretty safe bet you’d like it to be successful. We thought it would be helpful to have a whole section of stuff for you to make that happen. If you would like to learn how to become a contractor, go ahead and bookmark this page, or better yet, sign up to keep posted on industry news, trade tips, how-to videos and other useful info. (and no – we won’t be spamming you.)

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Interested in learning more about the concrete raising industry? We have been in the industry for over 40 years and are a leading manufacturer and business training partner—we’ve got all the info you need!


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Upcoming Discovery & Training Seminars

  • June 20-21, 2024  Manitowoc, WI
  • July 25-26, 2024  Manitowoc, WI

In 2 days, we teach you everything you need to know to start your own concrete raising company!

Estimate Rocket

Business Apps

Today’s Technology for Running Your Business

HMI offers you two options of mobile technology. We took four decades of experience in estimating and brought the paper process of yesterday into today’s technology. Click on the following links to watch how this technology can help you manage your business!  Estimate Rocket a cloud-based service to streamline your business operations!

hmi elite program & Elite App

You are now rewarded for being the best!

This app has been developed for you to monitor and analyze your purchasing. You get instant access to:

We feel this information is important to scale your growth and identify purchasing trends for your company.  With the ability to filter by this month, last month, last year or a custom range you can compare previous years to help forecast your future material needs!

HMI support portal for customer service.
HMI offers 24 hour support.

24 Hour HMI Support Portal

Remember HMI is always a phone call away!  But we want to make it even EASIER to get what you need FASTER & 24 hours a day!

Experience Unparalleled Project Support

At HMI, the success of your business is our top priority. Our team of skilled and dedicated experts is always available to answer questions and provide customer service and project support. From training to on-site project support, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and guidance required to run a successful concrete raising business. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or expanding the range of services at your existing company, the professionals at HMI are here to help you establish a thriving concrete raising business.

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