Mudjacking EQUIPMENT is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to replacing concrete

Mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking, concrete raising or pressure grouting, is the process of raising concrete slabs by hydraulically pumping a grout mixture, usually sand based material infused with Portland cement, under the slab of concrete.

Mudjacking equipment is typically less expensive than polyurethane foam concrete raising. While the process of mudjacking appears simple, it should only be completed by professionals so further damage does not occur.


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HMI Offers a Full Line of Complete Mudjacking Equipment Systems

Hydraulic Mudjacking Pumps

The HM-1 hydraulic mudjacking pump was the first concrete raising product engineered and manufactured by HMI.

Mudjacking Trailer System

HMI Mini Mudjacking Trailer System is a budget-friendly, work-ready concrete raising equipment option.

Our completely hydraulic design and virtually maintenance-free mixer will help you wipe out downtime and increase profit margins. 

The HMI Quik Mix Pro mudjacking truck system is an all-in-one concrete raising business solution. There’s not much you can’t do with the Quik Mix Pro.

The MiniQuik Mix ProTrailer is a 16 ft. trailer with folding down pump ramps. It has a hydraulic reservoir.  Customizable.

mudjacking rack systems

The HMI Mudjacking Rack System can be customized, which provides you ease of storing and carrying your mixer and mudjacking pump.

Our Power Packs offer alternative, hydraulic power. Great for indoor fume reduction and noise-free mudjacking.

Can’t Pass Up a Deal? Get Your Mudjacking Equipment for Less! Equipment availability may change without notice.

Just because we have standard models, does not mean we are not willing to customize to fit other applications or systems. 

Mudjacking in 3 Easy Steps:

The first step in the process requires the drilling of one to two inch (in) diameter holes, which are drilled directly into the concrete slab, after which the grout mixture is pumped in.

After the the voids beneath the concrete slab(s) are filled, the pressure from pumping in the material supports, and lifts, the concrete slab(s).

Once the concrete slab(s) are lifted and level, the drilled holes are filled or patched with a concrete mixture.

What do you need to know about mudjacking material?

Mudjacking Material Options: Pond sand, fly ash, sandy loam, limestone, and top soil mixtures can be mixed with Portland cement for mudjacking material. Choosing a material will be based on cost and geographic availability. Material characteristics should include high compression strength and good material flow.

Mudjacking Material Storage: Material storage, loading, and clean-out areas required. (Tractor for loading optional).

Mudjacking Material Preparation: Material is mixed at job sites and loaded into a mudjacking pump, then mobilized to the repair area.

Mudjacking Equipment Maintenance: Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned daily, so the material does not cure in the pump.

Experience Unparalleled Project Support

At HMI, the success of your business is our top priority. Our team of skilled and dedicated experts is always available to answer questions and provide customer service and project support. From training to on-site project support, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and guidance required to run a successful concrete raising business. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or expanding the range of services at your existing company, the professionals at HMI are here to help you establish a thriving concrete raising business.

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