Mudjacking is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to replacing concrete

HMI Offers a Full Line of Complete Mudjacking Systems

Mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking, concrete raising or pressure grouting, is the process of raising concrete slabs by hydraulically pumping a grout mixture, usually sand based material infused with Portland cement, under the slab of concrete.

Mudjacking is typically less expensive than polyurethane foam concrete raising. While the process of mudjacking appears simple, it should only be completed by professionals so further damage does not occur.

Mudjacking in 3 easy steps:

What do you need to know about mudjacking material?

Mudjacking Material Options: Pond sand, fly ash, sandy loam, limestone, and top soil mixtures can be mixed with Portland cement for mudjacking material. Choosing a material will be based on cost and geographic availability. Material characteristics should include high compression strength and good material flow.

Mudjacking Material Storage: Material storage, loading, and clean-out areas required. (Tractor for loading optional).

Mudjacking Material Preparation: Material is mixed at job sites and loaded into a mudjacking pump, then mobilized to the repair area.

Mudjacking Equipment Maintenance: Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned daily, so the material does not cure in the pump.


Interested in mudjacking as a business opportunity, or an extension of your current business?