NO Franchise Fees, Royalties or Territory Restrictions with Concrete Raising Business Opportunities

HMI offers a complete business opportunity including: technical support, training at our facility, advertising consulting and services. HMI only sells equipment, as a business opportunity to start your own slabjacking business, but does not offer franchise opportunities.

HMI Aligns with Different Financing Companies to Fit Your Equipment Purchasing Needs

Financing to get your concrete lifting business started is available through third party financing institutions.  HMI aligns with multiple financing companies because no two equipment purchases are the same.  Existing businesses with over two years of business history, may qualify for different financing than a new business.  HMI does work with a financing company that specifically offers new start-up companies leasing opportunities.

When researching a new business or business expansion, it is always wise to look into multiple options.  Leasing equipment, purchases, and financing are one option while a loan through your established banking institution. More info here

Learn How to Raise Concrete at a 2 Day HMI Training Seminar

HMI offers 2 Day Training Seminars that focus on teaching you what you need to know to successfully run a concrete lifting business.  Explore the different options you have in equipment, learn business operation best practices, and get the marketing guidance you need to start your concrete raising business.

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Get hands-on training with the equipment, without any obligation to buy.  The ultimate business test drive, HMI will teach you everything you need to know to make an educated decision – is this business right for you?  Find out, Register for HMI Training today.

HMI is a great way to expand your business with concrete lifting Mudjacking is a great add-on business.  HMI can provide you with the equipment, training, and support to make any expansion successful. Contractors: Landscaping, spray foam, general, concrete and specialty contractors often have some of the tools needed to start raising concrete.  In this case, a contractor looking to expand their business will be provided with a customized system quote with only the equipment and tools they specifically need to start concrete lifting.  A spray foam contractor may only need small tools and material to start concrete lifting with polyurethane, while a concrete contractor may only need a mudjacking pump to have all the equipment necessary to expand their business. Read More

HMI Manufactures Polyurethane Material Designed to Raise Concrete

Polyurethane concrete lifting uses material specifically designed to fill voids and raise concrete.  Available for purchase directly from HMI, the reaction of this two part material expands with enough force to fill voids and raise concrete.  There are multiple formulas designed for different applications.  Polyurethane for raising highway slabs, sidewalk slabs or filling voids.

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The original term mudjacking comes from using topsoil mixed with cement (mud).  However, topsoil has organic properties that will eventually break down and may cause the concrete slabs to resettle.

Concrete raising projects are often the same repair in different settings.  To learn more about concrete raising attend an HMI Discovery & Training Seminar.

Residential concrete raising applications

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Pool decks
  • Garage floors

Commercial Concrete Raising Applications

  • Commercial Entrances
  • Warehouse floors
  • Airport runways
  • Grain bins and silos

Municipal Concrete Raising Applications

  • Curb & Gutter
  • City Streets
  • Highway Projects
  • City Sidewalks
  • Bridge Approach

Specialty Applications

Spray foam insulation contractors use similar equipment for polyurethane concrete lifting

There is however, specific material and equipment necessary to start using this equipment for concrete raising.  Everything necessary to begin raising concrete with existing spray foam equipment is available from HMI in the Concrete Raising Conversion kit.

Comprehensive training is also available, to teach you how to raise concrete, bid jobs, and market this type of business.  For those interested in making this transition, training is available without any commitment to buy.  Qualifying purchases will provide FREE training.  For more information about our training opportunity page.

HMI is here to support you, if you have questions about concrete lifting

Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  HMI also supplies a detailed parts and service manual with each piece of mudjacking equipment.

If you have questions about bidding or completing a project, utilize the experienced professionals at HMI to help you be successful. Receive a free catalog!

With any new business or equipment, there is a definite learning curve.  Concrete lifting is no different.  Even those with many years of concrete lifting experience may start offering polyurethane concrete lifting, and face completely new challenges.  HMI not only has experienced these same challenges, but assisted hundreds of customers through.

HMI is Your Best Option for Slabjacking Equipment, Systems and Material. Made for a conctactor BY a contractor. 

HMI has been setting the standard for slabjacking since 1974.  Not only do we manufacture the equipment, HMI uses and tests it on a daily basis.  Perfecting the standard and innovating tomorrow’s advances,  HMI offers all the benefits of a franchise without the fees, royalties, and territory restrictions commonly associated with franchise opportunities.

Beyond the traditional slabjacking equipment and systems, HMI  offers polyurethane equipment, systems and material.

With experience as a manufacturer as well as a slabjacking contractor, HMI is an invaluable resource to you as you make the decision to invest in this business opportunity and beyond. 

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Raising Concrete Can Be Tricky, Let HMI’s Experience Answer Your Questions

Support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  We are staffed with people who have actual on-the-job experience raising concrete.  They can answer questions and solve issues with troublesome jobs or how to bid on a certain concrete raising or void filling project.  Applications and pricing are covered in detail during HMI 2 day training events.

Free Catalog

HMI is here to support you, if you have questions about concrete lifting. You have a dedicated Account manager! and if they are unavailable please call our direct line 800-414-0049

Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

If you have questions about bidding or completing a project, utilize the experienced professionals at HMI to help you be successful.

With any new business or equipment, there is a definite learning curve.  Concrete lifting is no different.  Even those with many years of concrete lifting experience may start offering polyurethane concrete lifting, and face completely new challenges.  HMI not only has experienced these same challenges, but assisted hundreds of customers.

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HMI is currently seeking International Distribution Partners

At this time, we are seeking international distribution partners.  We can best facilitate your purchase, when you have retained an import/export agent to represent you in the transaction.  We ship to US locations only (as specified by your agent) after prepayment in US dollars by wire.

HMI is the world leader in concrete lifting and leveling equipment and processes. To best understand our offering and to fully appreciate the potential in your market, we would suggest you commit the time and resources to register for one of our Discovery & Training Seminars. Our seminar:

Will train you how to lift and level concrete with polyurethane and other concrete lifting/leveling process.

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HMI Equipment is Available for Shipment Internationally

HMI ships concrete raising equipment all over the world.  Call or email our Wisconsin office for more information at 1-800-626-2464 or

Customers are responsible for making arrangements with import/export agents along with any fees, duties, tariffs or expenses that may be incurred by shipping internationally.

HMI has shipping agreements with multiple providers, however will work with your qualified shipping arrangements upon request.

HMI is currently seeking international distribution opportunities.

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Concrete Raising is Also Known as Mudjacking, Slabjacking, Pressure Grouting, and PolyJacking

Also known as slabjacking or pressure grouting, mudjacking is the process of pumping material under a sunken slab of concrete to lift it.  Other uses include joint stabilization or filling voids to support the weight of a concrete slab.  On residential, commercial, and municipal levels, raising concrete is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete typically saving 30-50%. The best way to recycle concrete, mudjacking will avoid the cost of demolition, removal and landscaping.  There are two types of concrete lifting, polyurethane and traditional mudjacking. Receive a free catalog!


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In 2 days, we teach you everything you need to know to start your own concrete raising company!

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