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What do I need to start a concrete raising business?

Starting a new business can be a daunting task, we know. That’s why we’ve created a holistic solution that gives you everything you need to make the most informed decision. Our business opportunities program offers you everything you need to get started: In-depth training, marketing plans, and so much more!

Once you’ve decided that concrete raising is a good fit for you, the next question will often be, “what do I need to start my concrete raising business?”

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Start the business you’ve always wanted with help from HMI!

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To start a new concrete raising business, all you need is HMI training and a complete concrete raising equipment package.

Starting a New Business is as easy as 1, 2!

  • Classroom time: Marketing, How to Estimate, How to Bid, Scheduling, ROI, etc

    Starting a new business is really just that easy. Two easy steps to get your business started and off the ground.

    We offer 2 Day Discovery & Training Seminars which are focused on teaching you what you need to know to successfully run a concrete lifting business.  Explore the different options you have in equipment, learn business best practices, and get the marketing guidance you need to be successful.

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    After you have successfully completed our 2 Day Discovery & Training Seminar, you’ll be primed and ready to go with the knowledge, skills, and strategic plan to be successful. All that’s left is the investment in the equipment that’s required to start and successfully grow your operations.

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  • Do you offer franchises?

    We offer a complete business opportunity including: technical support, training at our facility, advertising and consulting services.  We only sell equipment for the opportunity to start your own slabjacking business. We are not a franchise, so we do not offer franchise opportunities.

    Do you offer financing?

    While we do not personally offer financing, we do have partners that are ready to help you get fully financed. Financing can be a great option for getting your mudjacking business started and running successfully. » View our financing partners

    Northland Capital
    Phone: 800.471.2122
    Contact: Dale Streit

    Advantage Leasing
    Toll Free: 800.949.7040
    Contact: Kevin Daley

    Paramount Financial Services
    Toll Free: 877.948.6200 x101
    Contact: Craig Colling

    National Leasing
    Phone: 888.599.1966
    Contact: Suzan Hozjan

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