Deep Foamjection

What is Deep Foamjection™ ?
Considered an upgrade to standard concrete raising, Deep Foamjection™  is the process of
installing foam deeper to increase the load bearing capacity of the soils.


Deep FoamJection™ …

• An upgrade to sub-surface concrete lifting
• Repair unstable soils
• Installing a stronger foundation to support slabs and structures that settled
• Foam follows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas
• Fills fissures and ground voids
• Fills voids holding water & displaces collected water
• Increase load bearing capacity of subgrade
• Permanent repair, foam never changes shape or
absorbs ground water
• Foam soaks into the weak soils and then expands, binding the soil and making it solid
• Does not leach chemicals into the ground


Nature Does it Best –
Trees roots hold together loose soil.

As a tree grows, the roots sprawl out in different
directions. It is often suggested to prevent erosion that you plant trees that develop root systems. The root systems grow to intertwine with the dirt and hold it
together. DEEP FOAMJECTION™  creates man-made root systems with foam.


HMI’s Deep Foamjection™ was featured in the 2019 FEB/MARCH publication of Concrete Contractor Magazine. With more press about Deep Foamjection™ the more your customers are going to be asking about this process and YOU need to be ready.

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