Polyurethane Concrete Raising equipment Systems

Polyurethane concrete raising and mudjacking are two methods used to raise and support sunken or unstable concrete slabs, by drilling holes and pumping material under the concrete slab. HMI offers polyurethane concrete raising equipment to meet your needs.


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In 2 days, we teach you everything you need to know to start your own concrete raising company!

HMI Offers a Full Line of Complete Polyurethane Concrete Raising Equipment Systems

Polyurethane Van System

We are proud to introduce our new easy to maneuver Poly VanSystem.

polyurethane concrete raising equipment

The HMI polyurethane trailer unit is its very own turnkey business solution on wheels. 

Polyurethane Concrete Raising Truck System

Our truck system is capable of handling some of the biggest concrete raising jobs.

EliteONE Injection Gun

Designed and engineered by experts in the concrete lifting industry.

Polyurethane Accessories

There are a number of parts that need to be used when concrete raising.

Used Polyurethane Equipment

We occasionally have used polyurethane concrete raising equipment.


Our polyurethane foam method uses the concrete slab itself as a means of delivering poly foams that raise concrete, fill voids, and stabilize soils. A ⅝” hole is drilled through the slab into the subgrade. A tapered delivery port is installed into the ⅝” hole. The injection gun is connected to the port. The injection gun delivers the polyurethane material through the port and slab. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising concrete.


Raising concrete with polyurethane foam is done with incremental injections. Lifting foam will fully expand within 10-15 seconds allowing you to monitor the raising and preventing over raising the slab. We suggest using an air-purged gun to deliver foam under the slab. This equipment will keep the injection port open between injections, allowing the foam to fully expand before injecting more foam material.

EliteONE Injection Foam Gun: A Smart Upgrade

EliteONE Simple Design. HMI dedicated years into designing this concrete lifting injection equipment specifically for concrete lifting.

  • Save thousands on replacement parts- Half as many 0-rings as the Fusion Gun
  • Valve Operated with one-way check valves.
  • Material Pressure Gauges-Monitor your pumping pressures as you work
  • Air Pressure Gauges -Identify plugged ports before you pump!
  • Easy to use rolling handle moves between air, off and foam to turn on air OR material flow
  • Spend more time pumping and less time fixing and cleaning your equipment

Experience Unparalleled Project Support

At HMI, the success of your business is our top priority. Our team of skilled and dedicated experts is always available to answer questions and provide customer service and project support. From training to on-site project support, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and guidance required to run a successful concrete raising business. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or expanding the range of services at your existing company, the professionals at HMI are here to help you establish a thriving concrete raising business.

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