Polyurethane Truck Systems

HMI Poly Truck System: This Rig Means Business!

Perfect for municipalities, larger contracting companies and highway jobs, the HMI Polyurethane Concrete Raising Truck System is large, in charge, and capable of handling some of the biggest concrete raising jobs you can imagine.



  • For the serious concrete raising contractor, this rig has the HMI Polyurethane System, plus the ability to carry 50+ yards of material!

    Some of what you’ll find standard on all rigs:

    • Generator
    • Air compressor
    • 160 ft. heated pumping hose
    • Workbench
    • E20 Reactor

    • Material capacity determind by truck size (at least 2 sets)
    • EliteONE Injection gun
    • Transfer pumps
    • Hose rack
    • Electrical system (Truck not included)

    When you purchase the HMI Polyurethane Concrete Raising Truck System, you’ll also get:

    • Discovery & Training Seminar
    • HMI job bidding support
    • Job shadowing opportunities
    • HMI service support
    • HMI marketing support

  • Our Poly Concrete Raising Truck System is fully customizable, here are some options to choose from:

    • Heated hose extension 50 ft.
    • Reactor size
    • Electric drill
    • Material set(s)
    • Graphic trailer wrap
    • Exterior transfer set
    • 16 ft. trailer
    • Refrigerated air dryer

  • Specifications Poly Pro 20 Truck Poly Pro 30 Truck
    Injection accessories Included Included
    Truck N/A N/A
    Reactor E20 E30
    Generator 22 kw 30 kw
    Air Compressor Included Included
    Refrigerated Air Dryer Included Included
    Heated Hose & Rack 160’ 210’
    Max Recommended Hose Length 210’ 310’
    Transfer Pumps 2-2.5 gpm 2-2.5 gpm
    Diamond Plate Flooring Installed Installed
    Partition Wall & Finishing Installed Installed
    Workbench Installed Installed
    Material Capacity Determined by Truck Size Determined by Truck Size

  • While the HMI Polyurethane Truck System works for many types of businesses & organizations, we find it commonly well suited for:

    • Contracting firms
    • Highway contractors
    • Municipalities

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Looking for Something Smaller?

Here is a great intermediate option for building a trailer system in a smaller truck

Pictured Below: 16ft Ford Super Duty E450


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