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Transition to the HMI Poly VanSystem

You’ve been thinking about entering the poly foam concrete raising business, but really did not want to purchase a truck or a trailer. We have heard your wishes of convenience and compact. We are proud to introduce our new easy to maneuver Poly VanSystem.

  • Our VanSystem includes a lot of features, here are some of the most important:

    This self-contained unit offers you:

    • Rollout generator and air compressor tray with air drying system
    • Driver/passenger seat safety cage
    • Secure material storage for two drums
    • Over 6 ½ ft. of head room
    • Temperature controlled interior
    • 1 ton 9,900 GVWR
    • Equipment weight approx. 2,500#
    • Potential material weight approx. 1,000#
    • Generator
    • Air compressor
    • 160 ft. heated pumping hose
    • Workbench
    • E20 Reactor
    • EliteONE Injection gun
    • Transfer pumps
    • Electrical system
    • Refrigerated Air Dryer

    All equipment can be removed for a multipurpose cargo van!

    We can install in Freightliner sprinter, Dodge ProMasters, Mercedes Sprinter vans that meet our size and weight rating specifications.

    When you purchase the HMI Poly VanSystem, you will also receive:

    • Discovery & Training Seminar
    • HMI job bidding support
    • Job shadowing opportunities
    • HMI service support
    • HMI marketing support

  • The follow options are also available with the HMI Polyurethane Van System for concrete raising:

    • Heated hose extension 50 ft.
    • Electric drill
    • 16″ Concrete Saw

    • Graphic van wrap
    • Exterior transfer set

  • Specifications Poly Pro 20 Van
    Injection Accessories Included
    Van Options Mercedes Sprinter/Ford Transit HR LWB / Dodge Ram Master
    Reactor E20
    Generator 22kw
    Air Compressor 175 PSI Electric
    Refrigerated Air Dryer Included
    Heated Hose & Rack 160'
    Max Recommended Hose Length 210'
    Transfer Pumps 2-2.5gpm
    Partition Wall & Finishing Installed
    Workbench Installed
    Material Capacity 1 Drum Set=9.5 cu. Yds

  • While the HMI Polyurethane Van System for concrete raising works for many different types of businesses, we often see the following receive great benefits from its utilization:

    • Contracting firms
    • Independent contractors
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Property management firms
    • Municipalities

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Perfect for residential concrete lifting projects

Our polyurethane concrete raising van system is perfect for tight quarters that might be challenging with a full poly concrete raising truck system or poly trailer system. Offering you everything that you need to get the job done right, from equipment to training, the HMI poly van systems will help you level your concrete in no time.

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