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A “concrete opportunity”, no experience necessary!

HMI | Start a Concrete Raising BusinessStarting a concrete raising business is not only a concrete opportunity, it’s a smart one, too! Concrete raising, as long as there’s concrete to be raised (which there will be), will be in high demand for a long time.

With ample opportunities in residential, commercial and municipalities, your opportunity for starting, gaining, and retaining business is greater and easier than most other new business investments.

The HMI Business Opportunity

At HMI, we have over 40 years experience in providing concrete raising services, manufacturing mudjacking and polyurethane foam concrete raising equipment, and supporting our business partners.

Because there is so much work to be done, we decided to take our expertise, industry-leading equipment and materials, and provide you with the complete concrete raising business package; all without the franchise fees or restrictions!

Our approach is simple—we present you with the best way to start and manage your business; from business plan to equipment selection, full training to marketing strategy, we are honest, supportive, and dedicated to your success.

With HMI concrete raising training, there’s no sales pitch, just an opportunity to see if starting a mudjacking business is the right fit for you! » Learn about our 2 Day Discovery & Training Seminar.

What to expect with HMI concrete raising training:

So, what is mudjacking all about?

Mudjacking is the process of hydraulically pumping a grout mixture under a slab. After the voids are filled, the pressure from pumping the mudjacking material under the concrete supports and lifts the concrete slab.

At HMI, we provide several hydraulic mudjacking pumps and mudjacking systems to begin your own slabjacking business—you just need to decide how big or how small! Financing is available through our 3rd party partners, which helps you get up and running in no time!

I spent a lot of time looking into mudjacking systems, but only found one company that was willing to train me on the equipment and teach me how to market and operate my new business. HMI sold me more than my equipment, it included a one of a kind experience.
– Lilly

Starting a mudjacking concrete raising business is simple and profitable.

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