Mudjacking Truck Systems

HMI Quik Mix Pro: Now This is a Mudjacking System!

The HMI Quik Mix Pro mudjacking truck system is an all-in-one concrete raising business solution. From mixing and pumping for residential to municipality jobs, there’s not much you can’t do with the Quik Mix Pro.

Mudjacking Made Simple

This automated unit can carry, mix and pump, eliminating shoveling and extra manpower! The Quik Mix Pro provides everything you need including: a material hopper, cement hopper, twin shaft mixer, swing-out pump carriage to hold your HMI mudpump (grout pump), and a 200-gallon water tank.


You have many options to choose from in your unit’s custom design. Let us help you decide what options best suit your purpose and market. The Quik Mix Pro can be built to fit any size truck: CDL, non-CDL, or tandem axle trucks.


    • Material hopper
    • 10 cubic ft. mixer
    • 30 HP Kohler engine
    • Tool boxes
    • 200 gallon water tank
    • Side pump carriage
    • 14 cubic ft. cement hopper
    • Discovery & Training Seminar
    • HMI job bidding support
    • Job shadowing opportunities
    • HMI service support
    • HMI marketing support

    • Material hopper 5, 6, 8, 10 cubic yard capacity
    • Drill box
    • PTO power option
    • Pry bar holder
    • Hose reel & garden hose
    • 16” gas powered saw
    • CobraCombi drill
    • HMI mudjacking pump
    • Pumping hose holder

    • Chain belt discharge with adjustable discharge door
    • 5 cubic yards-fits a non-CDL truck
    • 6 cubic yards-fits a 32,000 GVW single axle truck
    • 8 cubic yards-fits a tandem/single axle truck with tag
    • 10 cubic yards-fits a tandem axle truck

  • The Quik Mix Pro mudjacking truck system is a full-on, ready to go, business in a box. It will get every job done, every time. And while this equipment solution will work for almost everyone in every situation, we see it best suited for the following types of businesses:

    • Contracting firms
    • Independent contractors
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Property management firms
    • Municipalities

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Is the Quik Mix Pro right for me?

If you’re looking for an “all-in-one” solution, then yes, the Quik Mix Pro is definitely right for you. It gives you everything you will need: a material hopper, cement hopper, HMI mudpump, 200-gallon water tank, and so much more—all you need to get is a truck!

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