Polyurethane Accessories

Because it’s not a working system without the parts.

There are a number of parts and pieces of equipment that need to be used when concrete raising, outside of just your concrete raising systems. From drills to saws, poly guns to pumps, our accessory parts give you the ability to replace parts, convert your current system (e.g. spray insulations converted to polyurethane concrete raising), and so much more.

Polyurethane Conversion Kit

Part #: Customizable

If you own a spray foam rig, our conversion kit will allow you to enter the concrete raising business at a much reduced cost. With the HMI poly conversion kit, you’ll receive a full set of material, EliteONE Injection Gun, electric drill, 16″ Hilti saw, and other concrete raising accessories. Adding a profitable division to your business has never been so easy!

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Heated Hose

Part #: PY0008

Don’t be left out in the cold—our heated hosing gives you 50 foot lengths of hosing with scuff guard. Handling 2000 psi, our hosing is strong, durable, and well suited for any concrete raising business.

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EliteONE Polyurethane Injection Gun Introductory Package

Part #: PY0398

Our EliteONE polyurethane injection gun is the first of its kind, Designed & Engineered by experts in the concrete lifting industry.

  • Save thousands on replacement parts- Half as many 0-rings as the Fusion Gun
  • Valve Operated with one-way check valves.
  • Material Pressure Gauges-Monitor your pumping pressures as you work
  • Air Pressure Gauges -Identify plugged ports before you pump!
  • Easy to use rolling handle moves between air, off and foam to turn on air OR material flow
  • Spend more time pumping and less time fixing and cleaning your equipment

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Transfer Pumps

Part #: PY0009: Transfer Pump set pumps 2.5 gallons / minute
 Part #: PY0005: Transfer pump set pumps 5 gallons / minute
 Part #: PY0064: Industrial Transfer Pump set is our industrial level transfer pump set

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Hose Armour

Part #: PY0146-A

Our hose armour offers durable woven material that will protect your hose from the daily wear and tear of your polyurethane concrete raising work. Longer lasting hoses means less long term cost!

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Elite Injection Ports (Connects directly to EliteONE- NO CLAMP NEEDED)

Part #: B1300

Our injection ports are sold in packages of 100 or 500.

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Eliteone gun on port, lifting concrete

Hilti Drill

Part #: PY0104

The Hilti Drill is an electric drill used for drilling the required holes when concrete raising. This drill pack includes the Hilti electric drill, with bits.

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Hilti Saw

Part #: PY0103

The Hilti Gas Saw will allow you to cut through concrete. Perfect for any job, the Hilti Gas Saw is a 16″ saw and includes a blade.

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