Convert Your Spray Foam Business to Concrete Raising

Eliminate downtime in your spray foam business.

Increase Revenue by adding Concrete Lifting to your business!

Any business that is in the spray foam business can easily convert their equipment to include concrete raising as a service. Let us show you how smooth a transition it is!

At HMI, we specialize in offering the industry’s first Spray foam-to-Concrete Raising Conversion Kit for spray foam insulators looking to expand their market opportunity into the concrete raising and leveling business.

Polyurethane concrete raising requires specially formulated material and equipment, conveniently packaged by us, so you can start raising concrete with your existing spray foam rig.


  1. Training
  2. Concrete Raising Foam
  3. EliteONE Gun
  4. Various Accessories (Drill, Port Puller, Level, Patch Kit, Saw)

Comprehensive training is a must, to teach you how to raise concrete, bid jobs, and market this type of business. For those interested in making this transition, HMI offers a 2 day training without any commitment to buy. Qualifying purchases will provide FREE training.

Traditional spray foam does not react aggressively enough to raise concrete slabs. In order to raise concrete, you must use material specially designed to do so. HMI has a superior line of polyurethane material designed for different concrete raising applications.

Are you a spray foam business that is wondering if concrete raising is right for you?

Check out our Training Seminar!