Used Mudjacking Equipment

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MARCH 29, 2021 UPDATE:

  • 2020 Mini QMP 03 trailer and double cylinder power pump with joystick steering  INQUIRE for contact info and we will get you in touch with owner!

5) 1 5/8” x 23” SDX Max Bits

7) 1” x 21” SDX Max Bits

2) 1” x 29” SDX Max Bits

1) 1” x 36” SDX Max Bits

1) Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

4) Quick Coupler Sets

3) 25’ Hoses

1) 10’ Hose

1) 6’ Hose

2) Throttle Cables- 1 used- 1 New- Plus a new one on the pump

1) Pump Battery

2) 1 5/8” Nipples

2) 1” Nipples

3) 4” O Rings

1) 50’ Garden Hose

1) Rock Grate

2) Hydraulic Filters for Trailer

1) Oil Filter for Trailer

1) Single Piston Pump Base

1) Dee Zee Tool Box- Trailer Mounted- Blue Label


Everyone likes a deal! Our monthly 2-Day Discovery & Training Seminars give us the opportunity to offer our products that we use in the seminar for sale at a discounted rate.


 Mudjacking Pumps

HMI Power Pump Demo Unit PowerPump-1:

Comes with joystick steering

Approximately 5 hours of operation, this pump is used exclusively for HMI Discovery & Training Seminars

Used indoors, run off of hydraulics

Engine has been tested, but not used to operate the equipment

» Contact us about the Demo Unit PowerPump-1

Equipment availability may change without notice. All equipment has different availability and terms. Please inquire about specific details, pricing, or additional pictures of used equipment for purchase.