Mudjacking Rack Systems

A budget-friendly, complete mudjacking rack system.

The HMI Mudjacking Rack System can be customized and fabricated to fit your dump truck, which provides you ease of storing and carrying your mixer and mudjacking pump. The convenience, ease of installation, and removal makes this system perfect if you are looking to add to your contracting business, and already have a truck!

Mudjacking Rack Systems


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Multi-purpose, Single Vehicle!

No trailer to tow. All your mudjacking equipment in one easy storage rack. This unit has the mixer hopper designed and placed low enough that you can shovel material from your truck box for mixing virtually effortlessly! Save time unloading the grout mixture directly into your HMI mudpump with the mixer hoppers exclusive hydraulic dump.

  • 8 cubic ft. mixer
  • Automated hydraulic dump
  • Forward and reverse modes
  • 8.5 HP Kohler engine
  • Direct drive hydraulic motor
  • Variable mixing speed
  • Drum lock
  • Sealed bearings
  • 1 ⅝” square paddle shaft
  • Pump compartments with drop down ramps
  • Fits all HMI mudpumps
  • 12 cubic ft. mixer
  • 16’ – 12,000 lb. trailer upgrade

The HMI Mudjacking Rack System is an extremely easy way to convert your current business equipment (plowing, hauling, dumping, etc) into a full mudjacking solution. Here are some businesses and organization our Mudjacking Rack System works extremely well with:

  • Contracting firms
  • Independent contractors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property management firms
  • Municipalities
  • Park departments
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