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Why Buy from HMI?

HMI is not the only company that manufactures concrete raising equipment, but we ARE the only one with over 40 years of experience as a contractor that will offer you more than just equipment or material, to support, and help you succeed. With proven success, HMI has helped thousands of people be successful lifting concrete. HMI does not sell franchises, collect royalties or tell you where to work. However, we do everything we can to share with you over 40 years over of experience as a contractor to help you succeed.

Mixed Fresh for You!

HMI mix’s polyurethane daily to order and has the advantage of selling you fresh material because it does not sit in a distribution center waiting for you to buy.

You never know how long other polyurethane foams were staged at the manufacturing facility before shipping and then sits at the distribution center.  Polyurethane foam has a shelf life and there are major benefits to buying manufacturer direct.

Working with a manufacturer who is also a contractor is a win, win for you!

We are constantly developing efficiency’s with equipment, material, and processes that we learn by operating crews daily. You have the opportunity to shadow our crews as they work. See how crew leaders with many years under their belt can fly through jobs with speed, accuracy and efficiency. The HMI contracting branch is also available to partner with you on large scope projects. This is a very beneficial way to take on a project that might be too large for you otherwise, by partnering with another company with multiple rigs.

The HMI Difference
More than just equipment and material, HMI has Marketing support, website packages, samples, pictures, graphics, and pre-fabricated brochures to help jump start and operate your business. Make starting your business easy with the Estimate Rocket program. Start off on the right foot, organized, and connected!
An array of foams that includes patented polyurethane material manufactured with recycled components. Giving you the benefits of premium products to achieve never before seen superior results with your foam. An on-staff chemist is available to help design foam for specialty applications.

HMI Elite Discount Program
You are now rewarded for being the Best!
YOU can now earn discounts based on the amount of material YOU purchase.
When a discount is earned, you will receive that discount through the current quarter and throughout the next quarter! Monitor your discounts with the HMI EliteApp

Carpe Diem, your opportunity to make money raising concrete!
It is not often you can find a company that will give away the secret recipe.
Look no further, you have found it! HMI will share our experience as a contractor to give you the jump start you need into a new business. Marketing and estimating tools, training, and on-going technical support. Feel confident in the proven success of our customers as you look to seize your opportunity.
The average contractor that starts raising concrete reports to make $100k-350k by their second year. Your equipment and structure hold the key to your success.
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