RR401 | 4lb Concrete Raising Foam

Heavy-duty polyurethane foam perfect for D.O.T. & industrial concrete repair

RR401-application-photo Rocking concrete slabs caused by high traffic and heavy loads can lead to traffic hazards on our roads and possible OSHA issues in commercial or industrial settings.

These safety issues require resolution, and ultimately led us to create a foam specifically for D.O.T., municipal, industrial, and commercial applications.

About RR401 Polyurethane Foam Material

RR401 is a 4 lb. per cubic foot foam engineered to be stronger for lifting larger slabs. This foam will stand up to heavy loads and high traffic, and exceeds specifications required by D.O.T.s.

RR 401 FAST Foam was formulated to give our customers the great benefits of RR401 with more speed, and less spread.

401 Lightning-RR401 Lightning was formulated specifically for jobs that require the most speed and the least amount of spread.

⚡When speed matters, use 401 lightning! ⚡

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Applications for HMI’s heavy-duty poly foam—RR401:

Manufacturing floors
Loading docks
On/Off ramps

Bridge approaches
Heavy, thick concrete slabs
High and heavy traffic areas

» Read the RR401-Hwy I-94 case study

About RR401FAST Polyurethane Foam Material

401 FAST- The same strength as the RR 401, but speed of the RR 201 for less spread.

2021 Announcement-

HMI is pleased to announce that we have been certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN-61 for our top selling products RR401 Fast and HF 402. This verifies that our products are safe for use in and around drinking water and other water sources in the United States and Canada through ALS-Truesdail Laboratories. This is a significant milestone in our continued growth and success of our company and of our partners’. This certification shows our commitment to providing our customers with the highest of quality product along with the peace of mind that you are providing your customers with a clean, safe, and sustainable solution.


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