RR600 | Single Component Soil Stabilizer


HMI Soil Binder/Stabilizer (RR600) is a resin used for saturation grouting. The material is saturated into the ground through a point. When cured this will bind and stabilize loose soils. When saturation is achieved, the point is retracted and more material is installed. This produces a solid column amidst loose soils. Points of cured soil binder can offer support to a slab, like legs on a table.
Commonly installed in sandy or swampy environments, installing columns of soil binder can offer additional support to slabs that have been lifted. It can also be installed prior to pour a slab to prevent settlement.

RR600 Applications

  • Stabilize: Peat Moss, Loose Sands, Soil
  • Support new slabs, Foundations, Helical Piers
  • Erosion control: sea walls, sand bunkers, retaining walls

Material Information

1 gallon of material will solidify 1-1/2 cubic feet of material. Saturation will depend on the type of soils the material is being installed in. Soil binder will flow better through sands and stone, but may not saturate as well in clay-based soils.
For more accurate material consumption a material sample should be tested. 1 gallon = 10.4 lbs of material

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Material Characteristics
Cure Time:

30 minutes – 2 hours. Time will vary based on moisture present and the % of catalyst used

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