#1 Question – Difference between Poly vs. Mud

Paul DelFino

Last week Annie, HMI’ marketing director, was briefing the team on the companies Google Analytics. (How often do you review the performance of your web site?)

When reviewing blog traffic I was not surprising to see that despite perpetual information share thru new blogs on a multitude of topics, “The Difference between Poly and Mud” remains the number one visited blog and therefor the most frequently asked question addressed by the HMI web site and blog viewers. Given that the subject was last addressed in HERE, I thought it appropriate to update the info and offer more texture.

KEEPING  IT SIMPLE:  During the Discovery and Training Seminar each participant is given a info packed binder. Over the two days of training there is continual comparison of the two systems that will allow you to raise and level concrete. These two cheat sheets which are provided to attendees as part of the training material are fast and easy graphical comparisons of the two systems.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: In November 2013, I published an article in “Concrete Construction Magazine” titled Heavy Lifting  (Go To http://goo.gl/jkoSMd).

In this article I explained that utilizing a polyurethane concrete lifting system provides an opportunity for potentially more revenue and profit for contractors considering entering the concrete leveling business. Simply stated, I believe that one of the most important differences between the two systems is the capacity of contractors using polyurethane to easily carry more material.  This and the fact that post work cleanup is nearly eliminated with polyurethane  contractors can do more work in a day. Net net – if you can get the work – the polyurethane alternative will allow you to make more money.

IT REALLY IS ABOUT WHAT CUSTOMERS PREFER:  HMI still retains a contracting division in WI, RaiseRite Concrete Lifting” where they use their own equipment every day to serve real customers. (RaiseRite is often referred to inside the company as “The Laboratory”  since every new piece of equipment is tested and run there, for months, before being offered to you.)  When Polyurethane was initially introduced approximately 20% of prospects chose it over mudjacking.  Now – nearly 70% of the customers choose to pay nearly 40% more (due to cost of material) for polyurethane when given the option. The why is easy – Smaller Lifting Holes leaving a cleaner looking job!

THE TAKEAWAY:  There are notable differences between mud and poly concrete lifting systems. Yes, cost of equipment is very important but so is:

  • Opportunity for more profit
  • Preferences of customers
  • Less physical labor
  • Opportunity for one man operation
  • Consistency of material
  • Opportunity to present engineers with tech data sheets about material components and strength
  • Being GREEN

However, in the end, it is up to you! Why not both?


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