NEW Ground Improvement Solutions

HMI Ground improvement solutions

HMI NOW offers a diverse suite of ground improvement solutions that go beyond traditional polyurethane applications. With HMI Geotech, you can expand your concrete lifting business by offering a broader spectrum of services.

This includes the use of FusionGel Acrylic Gel, a low-viscosity solution employed for curtain grouting, water infiltration prevention, and soil stabilization. It creates a robust waterproof membrane within the soil.

HMI Ionic Clay Stabilizer (ICS) is another valuable product, specifically designed to reduce the swelling of clay soils. By mixing or injecting ICS into the clay, it triggers a molecular transformation in the clay particles, providing a long-term remedy for swelling clay-related issues.

FusionLock Caulk offers a reliable and enduring solution for sealing concrete seams and gaps.

Lastly, Fusion Foam presents versatile single-component foams available in hydrophilic and hydrophobic formulations, catering to various project requirements such as waterproofing, void filling, soil bonding, and crack repair. HMI’s comprehensive range of solutions empowers you to meet a wide array of construction needs with confidence.

a full spectrum of ground improvements solutions

HMI Fusion Gel is a non-expansive, low viscosity acrylic gel used for curtain grouting, water infiltration, and soil stabilization. This low viscosity solution can permeate into soils to create a strong waterproof membrane.

HMI ionic clay stabilizer (ICS) is used to reduce swelling in clay soils, making them more stable. This treatment is applied by mixing or injecting ICS into the clay, causing a molecular change in the clay particles. 

Your ultimate solution for sealing concrete perfection. Are you in need of a reliable, long-lasting solution for sealing seams and gaps? Look no further! Our FusionLock Concrete Caulk is the answer to your sealing needs.

Fusion Foam

Introducing our versatile single-component foams, available in two specialized formulations for your diverse project needs Flexible, Hydrophilic Foam and Rigid, Hydrophobic Foam. Your Solution for waterproofing, void filling, and more!

Experience Unparalleled Project Support

At HMI, the success of your business is our top priority. Our team of skilled and dedicated experts is always available to answer questions and provide customer service and project support. From training to on-site project support, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and guidance required to run a successful concrete raising business. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or expanding the range of services at your existing company, the professionals at HMI are here to help you establish a thriving concrete raising business.

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