HM-1 Mudpump

Reliable. Rugged. The Original.

The HM-1 is an inexpensive means of restoring concrete slabs that have settled. This reliable hydraulic pump is the foundation for the development of all other hydraulic pumps. At HMI, w proudly manufacture all of our HM-1 pumps in the U.S.A.

If you are a interested in started a new concrete raising business, have just started a concrete raising business, or are looking to add concrete raising as an extended service for your current business, the HM-1 hydraulic mudjacking pump is a cost-effective way to enter the market.

mudjacking pump

    • 9.5 HP Engine
    • In-Frame Reservoir
    • Handlebar Steering
    • 5 cu. ft. Material Hopper
    • 6 ft. Pumping Hose
    • Pumping Handle
    • Pumping Nozzle

  • Specifications HM-1
    Pumping Pressure 150-600 psi
    Pumping Capacity 5 cu. yd./hour
    Approximate Weight 520 lbs
    Hopper Height 35 in
    Height w/Handlebar 48 in
    Total Width 24 in
    Overall Length 64 in
    Material Hopper 5 cu. ft
    Pumping Stroke 8 in. honed pumping cylinder open-throated piston
    Tires 13 in. drive tires

    • Propane Attachment
    • Additional Pumping Hose Lengths Available
    • Shotcrete Nozzle

    • Contractors
    • Entrepreneurs

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