What is Mudjacking concrete Lifting?

Settled concrete can cause
BIG Headaches

Concrete settling and sinking is quite common. It occurs when the soil, at the time of installation, was not compacted properly, or when water runoff is not channeled properly. Concrete sinking may also happen due to the simple natural settling of earth over time.

Concrete lifting is the process of filling the voids under concrete, which results in the lifting of the concrete slab.

Mudjacking process


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Mudjacking Benefits & Applications

Concrete replacement is expensive

It is simple math. Concrete contractors must make up to three trips to a location to replace a simple slab of concrete with removal, framing, pouring, removal of framing material and cutting. Add to this the ever growing problem of environmental constraints of concrete disposal: the replacement of a simple 10’x10’ piece of driveway, walkway, or pool deck can cost upwards of a $1000.

Be environmentally friendly! Repair your concrete instead of replacing it!

Homeowners, property owners and municipalities may experience concrete becoming uneven on:

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